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Termite Post/Beam Replacement-DIY

Replacing a 6x6 post and 6x10 beam on an exterior overhang due to termite and dry rot damage. I demonstrate by explaining and completing the repairs.

Home Door Frame Repair - Replacing Rotten Wood

The front door of my home had a spot in the frame where there was severe rot that compromised the structural integrity of the frame and caused the bolt to lock poorly. I replaced the rotten section with new wood. The bolt now locks correctly. The whole job took about 3 hours.

Fix and Rebuild a Dry Rot Porch

Critical and excessive dry rot was found in the support columns and structural components of an inclosed porch. This do it yourself video shows how anyone can repair the damage and restore the porch using common tools and the end rot product.

Advanced Beam Repair - featuring the EndRot System by System Three

This video shows from start to finish the repair of rotted endbeams on a house using the EndRot system. REMOVE weak, spongy wood PRESERVE and protect wood with borate preservatives to kill fungus and rot SEAL damaged wood with RotFix REBUILD wood with SculpWood Putty and Paste The advanced portions of this beam repair refer to the re-bar reinforcement and building forms to shape the beams. Helping You Put It All Together https://www.systemthree.com/ https://www.systemthree.com/pages/rot-repair

How to replace a load bearing post

This video is part 1 of a two-part series where I demonstrate how I replaced a load-bearing post and modified the concrete supporting pier to help prevent future wood rot. The demonstration is an amateur effort, published for entertainment purposes only. It serves as a good example regarding why it is unwise to bury any wood foundation below or even near ground level. Before doing any home renovations, be sure you have read and understood your risk and responsibility. Specifically you need to understand whether your local building code requires a building permit, and you should inquire from local building inspection services whether additional work is required. Any misadventure you encounter if you decide to repair your home is your responsibility. Music clip at the end is Raga Scape by Jingle Punks, obtained from the royalty free Youtube library for use in Youtube.

This video is about Termites and Wood Repair. What wood to ground contact can do to damage your home and way to make repairs that are more permanent. Avoid inviting termites into your home by removing wood to ground contact at your property.
Wood destroying organisms create decay and damage to your home that will interrupt a home sale causing a buyer to have second thoughts.
Improve your chances of selling your house by investigating these things ahead of time.

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