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Suspension fork settings - What they mean

This is an incomplete overview of air suspension forks, and what the settings mean on the vast majority of them. This video does not provide detailed instructions on how to set up your fork, but it does give you an idea of what to Google when you're digging in. Clint's Channel: Check out these videos: Rockshox Pike Volume Reducers: Fox Float Volume Spacers: Shock Pump (works for all shocks): Fox air pressure: Rockshox Air Pressure: Click on your fork and then go to the "service" tab. It's usually printed on the fork though. When in doubt, Google it! If you're looking for a transcript of this video, it was too long to paste here. Turn on closed captions and everything is there!

Suntour XCR Bike Fork Review

This is a review of the Suntour XCR fork for mountain bikes. The Suntour XCR fork is not the cheapest Suntour mountain bike fork. It is one level up from being the cheapest. The Suntour XCR fork is still a very basic, heavy fork, with a spring tension adjuster and compression damping, but no rebound damping adjustment. It works ok on cross country trails, but it is not as smooth as an air shock. The Suntour XCR fork has a warning sticker on it, which says not to use it for downhill or freeride mountain biking. It is for very light street and smooth dirt riding. I hope this review of the Suntour XCR mountain bike fork helps you decide which fork is best for your bike.

How to upgrade your road and mountain bike - new FORK! Cycling

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APACE 29er /// rigid racing - HD

RIGID RACING on APACE C1M frame kit Mountain Biking in its purest form, just like the sport was envisioned in the early days, when brave bikers would tackle the mountains on the first MTBs back in the late 70s. Riding Rigid means going back to an uncompromising and direct ride feel with no suspension back or front. The rider again actively controls his/her bike, rather than being controlled. Rigid Riding means riding skills being trained, instead of being dulled by suspension. This is made possible by the shock absorbing and roll-over ability of 29er tires. Carbon as a modern construction material allows for bike frames and forks that not only save weight, but also provide a compliant ride. MTB marathon races commonly spend a big portion on forest roads. There, the extra weight of suspension forks and rear suspension is mostly unnecessary and even counterproductive. By doing away with suspension on the frame kit alone, one can easily shave as much as one kilogram off the bike. By the comfort enhancing 29er wheels, the use of a lightweight construction and the direct setup, the racer achieves a bike, similar to what he is used to from road racing -- which for me as an active racer presents the next logical step. The Apace design is subtle and understated, not overloaded by branding and labelling, but holds back discreetly to draw the attention back the rider, rather than the bike. We have performed interviews with racers with the unanimous result: Understatement, Refinement, and Performance - that is what the active athlete wants. And that is what be abide by at APACE - for cyclists by cyclists. /// music by dizplay. Track "Panoramic" aus dem Album "Shift Happens" auf Basswerk.

Java Carbon fiber mtb fork Unboxing ! (HD)

This is the JAVA carbon fiber fork for mountain bike, bought from China. I am NOT a seller of this item! So I am giving here an honest review based on what I have feel and see! The item doesn’t come in a box or anything, this is what you see when it arrives. The product is really well made, with no scratches and very good finishing. The surface clear finishing is very evenly coated, the aluminum portion (pole?) is also very well done without any burrs or any sort of imperfection… I have not mounted the item yet as I still need to find a way to hammer in the stem crown. Let me unload another video on this soon. I have bought many items from china and this is one of the “good buy”. This thing weights around 800grams. It is for 26" mtb wheels. I haven’t seen much HD video done on this fork and hope that people who are considering to buy (with your hard earn $) this fork will find this video helpful! MOSSO MTB Carbon fork Mountain Bike Forkt Carbon Fiber Carbon Bicycle Forks Disc Brake bike fork compatible (26"/27.5/29")

Item specifics

Model Number: M5FCB
Blade length: 450MM
Material: Aluminum
Use: Mountain Bikes
Suspension: Yes
Fit For: Disc Brake
Wheel Size: 24-28 inch
Type: Resistance Rubber (Medium Gear Non-damping)
Stem Size: other
type: Mountain bike fork
size: compatible (26"/27.5/29")
Pipe diameter: 28.6mm
brake: Disc brake
weight : 530g (More info)

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