Oil Pump Industrial Machines For Petroleum In The Sunset Background

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HOW IT WORKS: Transmissions

This explains the basic mechanical operation of a transmission gearbox on a drivetrain demonstrating the advantages of the lever concept, gears, axles, clutch shifting, and the application of rotating power from the motor to the rear wheels.

Valve Grinding

Valve Grinding 101

05 Tank Farm Project top to Bottom Construction Method and Equipment

We provide complete solution for tank construction with different methods, both bottom-to-top and top-to-bottom. And this video shows top-to-bottom tank construction method. It consists of bottom plate laying, butt seam welding, vertical seam welding, hydraulic jacking, outside girth seam welding, inside girth seam welding and corner seam welding. If adopt automatic welding and our tank farm construction solution, we can ensure to support client to finish one tank body welding job in one month, which will can guarantee construction schedule. Such method not only widely used in China, but also in worldwide. We welcome you come to visit us in Nanjing! Contact us: Mrs Macy Email:info@autowelds.com whatsapp:008613776409288

eBay Oil Suction Pump

This pump is what is listed on eBay by many sellers as a pump suitable for a low or rear mounted turbo oil suction pump. A low or rear mounted turbo needs a scavenge pump to return oil to the engine's sump so it won't build up in the turbo. After trying to get more info on these pumps from the sellers ( didn't reply) I did buy one for a project of mine. I am using the pump as an oil primer pump for an engine. This pump is all over the internet and many say the pump is garbage but no one actually has documented anything that I could read or see. Singflow - This brand of oil pump sells for between $60-140 on eBay. This video shows my experience with this pump. At this time I have only tested the pump to see if it's suitable for what I plan to do with it. I will update this description as time progresses.

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