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Army Hack: Ranger Roll a Hoodie or Hooded Jacket - Efficient Packing for Travel

ChangeTip: (or use PayPal link on the channel page) I've been bombarded with questions about packing hoodies, so I finally got around to make a video... about a hooded jacket that is! :) You *can* do the same thing with a hoodie though. If you found this video helpful, please support it and take a moment to like, share with friends, and leave your feedback below. I would appreciate that. Check out my other videos for more tutorials and other stuff. Most clothing can be Ranger-rolled, so I have uploaded several videos on the subject on my channel. LIKE, SHARE, AND SUBSCRIBE!! ______________________ LINKS TO OTHER VIDEOS: ACU Pants Ranger Roll: ACU Top Ranger Roll: T-Shirt Ranger Roll: Underwear Ranger Roll: Underpants Ranger Roll: Patrol Cap Ranger Roll: Green Boot Sock Ranger Roll: Double Sock Ranger Roll: Single Sock Ranger Roll:

How To Screen Print On Nylon Jackets

Printing on nylon windbreakers can be tricky. In this video, Ryan demonstrates how to successfully print a one color design on a nylon jacket using the Jacket Hold-Down Pallet from Riley Hopkins. Check out the Riley Hopkins Jacket Hold Down Pallet here: and the Nylon Catalyst here For all your screen printing supply needs go to Check out our facebook page: Find us on Twitter and Instagram: @Ryonet


A low-cost alternative for an over-sized fit hoodie. If you are on the fence about these hoodies, let this video help you decide! Feedback or questions are welcome! Also comment for review requests or video ideas For Canadians: US: CONNECT: Instagram: Twitter: shout out to /r/streetwear -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- LATEST VIDEO: "RECENT SNEAKER PICKUPS 3: THE KANYE-ESQUE EPISODE (ROTHCO BOOTS + CREME WHITE YEEZYS)" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

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Visit & take a look at our cheap wholesale hoodies collection. We are California based jacket manufacturing company, providing customization of hoodies and bulk production.

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