How to Tie a Tie (Mirrored / Slowly) - Full Windsor Knot

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How to Tie a Tie: Double Windsor Knot (slow=beginner, mirrored) The Only Knot You Need to Know

When you think of a classic knot, most likely you’re thinking of the Double Windsor. This knot is best paired with dress shirts with a nice wide collar. If you have ties that are a bit longer than what you usually opt for, this is a perfect knot to try as it does require a little bit of length. The Double Windsor is considered the most iconic knot for your favorite necktie. Named after the Duke of Windsor, who liked his knots wide with thick cloth, it is the most popular of the four major knots widely used by most people today. Check out our latest video on Youtube -’s Double Windsor Knot. The Double Windsor is one of our favorite knots to teach. It’s a quick and easy knot that is symmetrical, classic, and looks fantastic with a myriad of styles.

How to tie a tie Hindi version एक टाई टाई करने के लिए कैसे

This is a mirrored version of the detailed (longer) demonstration on how to tie a Full Windsor Knot in Hindi using the "tie hole" method. To skip to the first step use this link: You should be able to follow along as you tie the tie. I have posted the reverse angle in English if that suits you better. Pattern: Out, Behind, In, Across, Out. To help you get the correct tie length, you can try seeing if this video will help you:

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تعلم اسهل طريقة ل ربط الكرفتة(ربطة العنق)

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How to tie a tie step by step tutorial. If you want quick and easy you can use the gear icon to adjust the settings to "speed 1.5" to view it faster and/or click here to jump to the first step in this video:

Reverse angle of How to Tie a Windsor Knot:
New Eldredge Knot:
Tie Length video:
The 10 second Simple Knot (four-in-hand):
Faster version Full Windsor (2 minutes):

Pattern: Out, Behind, In, Across, Out.

This is a mirrored version of the demonstration on how to tie a Full Windsor Knot using the "tie hole" method.

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