Best 3 4 inch electric impact wrench torque wrench spanner Review

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Dewalt Flexvolt V.S. Skill Mag77 [S H O C K I N G]

Testing The Dewalt Flexvolt worm drive saw vs Skill Mag77 saw. All tools featured in this video were purchased by me on Amazon. This video is not a paid product endorsement. SUBSCRIBE: WATCH MORE WRANGLERSTAR: “Recent Uploads” - "How To" - "Back To Basics" - "Family Vlogs" - "Wildland Firefighting" - "Our New Book" - "Wranglerstar Web Store" - Wranglerstar Shirts: SOCIAL NETWORKS Tumblr: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:

Unboxing the new DeWalt PEX Expander DCE400D2 - Uponor

This video introduces the new DeWalt PEX expander. Watch as I unbox the Dewalt expansion tool and try it out on Uponor Get the Dewalt Tool Here: Get the Manual expansion tool here: "Dragons" by Kai Satoshi (children's book) Kai Satoshi Art youtube channel

Milwaukee M12 Gen1 vs Gen2 Quickie power comparison

I make 2 1/2 holes comparing the Gen1 to the Gen 2 M12 Drill Drivers. I'm not going to cover the stuff that you can find in the spec sheet, I want to show you what it can do. It's a Quickie, butt I also ended up doing a 3 1/8 inch hole (not in video) in solid wood. There were some interesting results. I didn't edit the video much because I wanted to get this out there. I wanted to show you how long it took so it's real time, and the wood used was wet really wet and also had a nail in it. Yes they both can make the hole, I'm impressed. I was trying to push down hard on them to stall them out to see what the tool did. Let me know what you think. Sorry if I cursed but I'm allowed to.

DEWALT 20-Volt Air Inflator DCC020IB Review | Corded & Cordless | 3 to 160 psi

Must-Have DEWALT Inflator - We list very few tools as "Must-Have" tools, but the new DEWALT 20-Volt Air Inflator is one that we feel everyone should have.  There are very few limits to this tool with power as it can run off the standard 20-volt platform, the FlexVolt platform, 12-volts DC and you can purchase an AC adaptor to plug the inflator into the wall.  While there are few power limitations, it is important that one reads the instructions because there is a 10-minute runtime limitation due to heat buildup inside the compressor.  After 10 minutes of running, the inflator must rest for 20-minutes before being able to be used again.  This is important for tool longevity. The DEWALT inflator will work in a high volume setting good for filling up inflatable pool toys and rafts and also in a high-pressure mode for tires and sports equipment.  The high volume setting pumps air at 15.2 SCFM and works very well.  The hose can be used to inflate or deflate items.  The high-pressure side allows the user to set a target PSI and the tool will inflate to that PSI and automatically turn off.  The adjustments in PSI range from 3.0 to 160 PSI and one can adjust the target in 0.5 PSI increments.  There is a digital readout on the inflator that tells you the current PSI in whatever it is attached to, so one could also use this as a gauge if the user did not have one. DCC020IB Features High-pressure inflation mode with automatic shutoff High-volume inflation and deflation modes LED light  Three power sources for inflation on a jobsite and on the go (**20V MAX* battery, 12V DC, or 110V AC) (AC power adapter sold separately ) Convenient onboard accessory storage Heavy-duty rubber feet help reduce walking when in use Threaded chuck for secure connection to inflation valve Performance First, battery life is not something one should worry about with this inflator.  A compact battery is sufficient as the reality is the user has a 10-minute runtime before a 20-minute break.  Using a FlexVolt battery is great, but set a timer so you do not over-heat the inflator.  In our testing, we were able to pump up a spare tire from our 1971 Corvette from 0 to 35 PSI in 6 minutes and with no battery drain showing on the 5.0Ah 20-volt battery.  We were able to pump our Ford F350 tire from 75 to 80 PSI in one minute and forty-five seconds.  Each time we checked the tire pressure with our Blue Point digital tire gauge and it was spot on. Visually, the DEWALT Inflators tells us everything that is happening.  The current PSI, the target PSI and a small digital meter to tell you how far it is in the process.  This tool makes filling the tires on your car simple and quick.  Once you have a unit like this, you will not know how you lived without one! Kit Includes  DCC020I Air Inflator 12V DC Power Cord High-Pressure Tapered Nozzle Presta Valve Adapter Inflator Needle

Milwaukee m18 fueled String trimmer VS Husqvarna 536lilx. The ultimate battery powered showdown.

This is a head to head review between the Milwaukee m18 fueled String trimmer and the Husqvarna 536lilx. Also including a Husqvarna 525RX

3/4 inch electric impact wrench 600W 588N.M electric torque wrench 3/4" electric spanner M18-M24

1 inch electric impact wrench 1050W 1000N.M electric torque wrench 1" electric spanner M24-M36

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