Best 3 4 inch electric impact wrench torque wrench spanner Review

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Dewalt Flexvolt V.S. Skill Mag77 [S H O C K I N G]

Testing The Dewalt Flexvolt worm drive saw vs Skill Mag77 saw. All tools featured in this video were purchased by me on Amazon. This video is not a paid product endorsement. SUBSCRIBE: WATCH MORE WRANGLERSTAR: “Recent Uploads” - "How To" - "Back To Basics" - "Family Vlogs" - "Wildland Firefighting" - "Our New Book" - "Wranglerstar Web Store" - Wranglerstar Shirts: SOCIAL NETWORKS Tumblr: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:

Kawasaki 12 volt impact wrench review!

Kawasaki 12 volt impact wrench review. Corded 12v impact wrench with 190ft-lbs of torque for lug nuts. Why spend $200 on cordless when you can spend $60 on corded? Y

Air Tools VS Electric Tools ~ Which Tool is BEST?

What is better air tools or electric tools? It doesn't matter if you are a pro mechanic, a new mechanic, or a DIY mechanic having the right tool is critical. Pros of using air tools, Cons of using air tools and Pros and cons of electric or battery powered tools For full show notes visit the blog ~ Join me today as we fight tools to the death on: ~Pros of Air powered tools ~Cons of Air powered tools ~Pros of Electric(battery) tools ~Cons of Electric(battery) tools ~Where air tools win ~Where electric tools win ~What tools I prefer ~Review of Kobalt electric impact ~ ~Top 5 favorite mechanic's tools ~ ~and more Humble Mechanic Podcasts Project White Wookie ~ MK3 GTI Videos Failed VW parts videos Tool Reviews How To videos MK1 VR6 Swap Videos Follow me on: The Blog INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK TWITTER GOOD STUFF ON AMAZON (affiliate)

Mastercraft corded impact wrench

Mastercraft 3KO corded impact wrench review part 1. For the price taking off anything else besides lugnuts is a bonus. It took off multiple staked axle nuts and lug nuts, I did torque that one axle nut to 170 ft-lbs(factory is 135) and it had no problem. It works great and is more powerful than the older version. I tried to take off some bolts that were seized on my suspension and it would not take them off but neither would my w7150 $500 impact. I did make a video of that and may upload it. I bought this 1/2" corded impact wrench from Canadian Tire on sale for $45 the regular price is $139. It has a 3 year warranty. The specs are 3.5amps and 220 ft-lbs of torque. It comes with a 1/2" driver attachment , various 1/4" bits and 3 impact sockets. Just a disclaimer, just because I can remove my nuts and bolts easily does not mean you will be able to remove yours just as easy. You may encounter rusted seized fasteners that may need more power to remove or may not be able to remove at all. You can see here even a $600 impact can get stuck on a bolt (it will happen)

Milwaukee M12 Gen1 vs Gen2 Quickie power comparison

I make 2 1/2 holes comparing the Gen1 to the Gen 2 M12 Drill Drivers. I'm not going to cover the stuff that you can find in the spec sheet, I want to show you what it can do. It's a Quickie, butt I also ended up doing a 3 1/8 inch hole (not in video) in solid wood. There were some interesting results. I didn't edit the video much because I wanted to get this out there. I wanted to show you how long it took so it's real time, and the wood used was wet really wet and also had a nail in it. Yes they both can make the hole, I'm impressed. I was trying to push down hard on them to stall them out to see what the tool did. Let me know what you think. Sorry if I cursed but I'm allowed to.

3/4 inch electric impact wrench 600W 588N.M electric torque wrench 3/4" electric spanner M18-M24

1 inch electric impact wrench 1050W 1000N.M electric torque wrench 1" electric spanner M24-M36

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