Dumb People Doing Dumb Things

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Passengers losing their sh*t after arriving too late to check in and being told they won't be allowed to board. After part 1 went down so well, I thought I'd make part 2. Arthur TV is a YouTube channel providing commentary on entertainment, news, gaming, events, and other topics of public interest. Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kvSJNwnU-U Part 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nt3owEEnkLk Part 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oSXNJXzb8J4 Twitter - https://twitter.com/ImArthurTV Discord - https://discord.gg/eKH4ubf PayPal: submit.arthurtv@gmail.com Closing music: Lakey Inspired - Chill Day Please note that all commentary is for entertainment purposes only. Nothing said is intended to be taken as fact, and everything stated is baseless opinion. Please do not seek out any individual or corporation featured in this video for any reason. Do not seek to cause them stress, anxiety, fear, or harm in any way. No harm is intended to any person in this video. Please contact the channel via email if you wish to have any clip removed. Thank you. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. #reaction #commentary #airline #uk #passengers #checkin #easyjet #publicfreakout #cringe #hilarious #YLYL #airlineuk #losing #their #denied #airport #reddit #subreddit #pewdiepie #memeulous

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MOST Stupid People on PLANET Compilation 2017 | MUST SEE ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Oh boy, this list was pretty fun to compile and you’ll probably see why when you get to watching it. We got to highlight some of the funnier, more impressively dumb things that people have done and you may or may not be surprised at what we’re about to show you. We knew that humans were, at times, a little bit vacuous, but we didn’t even know the full extent of it. We’ll just let you see for yourself on our list of Dumb People Doing Dumb Things!

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7. Oh Come on, Man
The next picture this guy had taken of him was a photo documenting the scene of a horrific and grisly passing. No, we don’t really know that, and we really hope not. But that really is a possibility here. Who in their right mind puts their foot that close to the mouth of a woodchipper? If you misjudged by a few inches, that thing would grab onto your foot and begin to drag you in and at that point, there’d really be nothing to do to stop it. It doesn’t even look like he’s got a partner or anybody else around to hit the off switch should his toes get caught, and the thing starts sucking him into its mouth! Dumb? Yeah, this is dumb. He’s just lucky that he didn’t end up 10,000 pieces of dumb instead of just the one.

6. Find Another Way!
Oh lordy, what is this dude on the ladder thinking? Yes, it reaches, yes it’s metal, no it does not look stable or safe, at all. Why would you use a regular old ladder for this in the first place and why would you give the end that’s braced against the ground like three inches to work with? Oh yeah, we forgot to mention that he’s doing this over a staircase or something… like, fifteen feet over a staircase. This just looks like it would end badly and we’re glad that this is just a picture because we don’t really want to see much more than this. We don’t really enjoy seeing people’s necks break. That’s all we’ve got to say about this.

5. Ladder #2
We probably don’t even need to say much about this one. This is obviously a bad idea, and anyone (besides this guy) would know it just by seeing it. Is this really this guy’s best mode of transportation for getting his ladder from A to B? Why would you choose to ride on a motorcycle like this while balancing a ladder on your bike? Who taught this guy about the world? Who gave him his motorcycle license? We wonder if he got it to where he was going or if something terrible happened and he ended up 18 different parts of a guy from flying through the ladder. Who knows?

4. R.I.P. D.U.D.E.
This guy is clearly a seasoned vet at working on his truck. We mean, just look at how he’s lying under there doing who knows what while his forklift is holding up the back end of the pickup! This is what the professionals do, isn’t it? Why would anyone decide that it’s safe enough to climb in under their multi-ton truck after jacking the thing up with a forklift? What happens when whatever the piece of machinery is holding up snaps or shifts? What happens when a slight slide turns into a really big slide which turns into a huge mess? This guy shouldn’t be allowed to operate either vehicle after this. If he made it out of there alive, that is….

3. Protect Your Face
This should definitely do the job of keeping this guys eyes protected. Who raised all these people? What person puts a plastic bag over their head as some kind of shield while they’re using power tools and what person gave this extremely dumb person power tools in the first place? This is like a pyramid of dumb, just traveling down, down, down from the top and then there’s this guy on the bottom. What’s a plastic bag going to do to protect you from sparks, man? Don’t you know that they’ll just burn right through the bag and sink right through the flesh of your eye? Some people’s kids. They’re not right.

2. Just Get It Over With
Well, we know that following this picture, three people lost their lives, and that’s only the three we can see. We wouldn’t be surprised if there were more. How does one come up with the brilliant idea to put anything electrical on a table in the middle of their little pool? Then, who comes up with an even brighter idea to float a power strip that’s conducting electricity between two flip-flops less than an inch over the water? Who then is even more genius than that and gets into that death trap of a pool? Let us answer that for you: these guys. We keep thinking that we’ve seen the dumbest of the dumb, but we keep getting proven wrong, so we’ll keep our mouths shut. But holy moly… what were these guys smoking?


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