Automatically trolley bag ABS PC forming machine

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Diy Spot Welder Microwave Oven Transformer(MOT)

Project no.23 Diy Homemade Spot Welder Microwave Oven Transformer(MOT)(MICROWAVE HACKS) By modifying the secondary coil on a MOT, the transformer is converted from a high voltage/low current device into a low voltage/high current metal melter. High current can be directed to one focused location to fuse sheets of metal together on contact. Using some scavenged parts from the microwave, as well as wood panels and a few other accessories, we can make a fully functional Spot Welder that works well. This Project is Made out of a Microwave Oven Transformer. I uses two Microwave Transformer (MOT) I Connect them in series So it is Powerful Enough to Weld some light thick Sheet Metals. WARNING: Burning galvanized metal may release toxic Zinc Oxide fumes. This project is extremely dangerous and should not be attempted without adult supervision and adequate training. Misuse, or careless use, of tools or projects may result in severe electric shock, cardiac arrest, serious injury, permanent damage to equipment and property, and/or death. Use of this video content is at your own risk. LIKE MY FACEBOOK PAGE SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL AND SUPPORT ME ON PATREON Like Share Subscribe for a Weekly Videos

Trolley Manufacturing Machinery By Yashwant Industries, Ahmedabad

[ ] Established in the year 1978, we Yashwant Industries, are one of the noted manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of hydraulic presses and other industrial process equipment. Our range includes hydraulic deep draw presses, hydraulic press brakes, bucket punching press, scrape bailing press machine, pipe polishing machine, sheet polishing machine, pipe polishing machine, sheet polishing machine, deep draw dies, binding dies, punching dies, cutting dies, dies, jigs, fixtures, power shearing machine, hydraulic shearing machine, mechanical got machine and power shearing (under crank), bending machine, hydraulic bending machine, sheet bending machine, round welding machine, longitudinal argon welding machine, longitudinal welding finishing machine, circle cutting machine, bucket pharma cutting machine, rolling machine, hydraulic rolling machine and hydraulic skin pass roller machine.

Vacuum forming ABS-ASA 2mm( Tonka batterycover VW T3 )

Having some new plans for my old VW T3 aircoold , paint it yellow and make it like a big Tonka toy, big wheels ,black bumpers etc First run is perfect, accept the camera whase full and stopt recording, second run whase busy whit the camera so forgot the time, F#ck

Automatic Acrylic solid surface corian production line machine

With 20+ years experiences, Jinlu is the best provider of Acrylic Solid Surface Production line and Manufacturing Solution, as well as continuous technique support! SH Jinlu Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd M:+86 134 3156 1061(whatsapp) WeChat:yvonneyeyan E: W:

How a Rimowa Aluminium Topas case is made - BRANDMADE.TV

Click for DEALS on Authentic RIMOWA luggage How a Rimowa Aluminium Topas case is made. Hold your head up high as you glide proudly through the airport throngs with the Rimowa Aluminum topaz. A patented wheel design gives your gear a smooth ride. The outstanding aluminum design puts you in a group of elite travelers that will make heads turn and the crowds part. Space age materials and state-of-the-art production equipment put Rimowa at the top of the list for jet setters around the world. The characteristic grooves in the outer shell of a RIMOWA design make it unmistakable at first sight. Even without a visible logo – when used as a prop in many international film productions, for example – you will instantly recognise the ‘luggage with the grooves’. RIMOWA revolutionised the world of travel in 1937 when it developed the first-ever lightweight metal suitcase using aircraft aluminium. Since then, the grooved appearance has become the trademark feature of our the long-established company. It is no surprise that the elegant design and especially light material of our products have always been admired by cosmopolitan people who appreciate good style. RIMOWA has plants around the world. The Rimowa Aluminum Topaz featuring in this video is made in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.

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