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The 3D Optical Illusion Lamp

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Creative 3D LED Lamp - 2 Light Modes, 7 Colors, Power Through Micro USB

Buy Now: Product Name: Creative 3D LED Lamp - 2 Light Modes, 7 Colors, Power Through Micro USB Or AA Batteries, 5Watt Product Description: The perfect LED decoration light for anybody who loves photography. This 3D LED color light features the design of a camera, giving it an extraordinary look while in use. Perfect to be used as decoration in your living room, child’s bedroom, or as an eye-catcher in your photo study or store-front – this LED light is guaranteed to set the right atmosphere for any occasion. 4 Main Features of this Product 1. 3D LED light in the shape of a camera forms the perfect gift to all photography lovers out there 2. Select between 7 different colors and enjoy the color of your liking 3. This LED color light lets you select between two different lighting modes 4. Perfect decoration for at home or to be used in your store-front to catch the attention of people passing by Check Similar Video: 1. 2. 3. Located in Shenzhen,China, Chinavasion is a leading wholesale electronics online shop. We have a wide variety of electronic products including electronic items to hot and cool gadgets. We are offering wholesale and dropshipping. Subscribe And Get More Cool And Hot Gadgets Videos Follow Us

LED Potion Desk Lamp by ThinkGeek Unboxing & Test

If you are into the magical arts or even if you're not, this lamp is super cool. You can choose from four different colors or it can cycle through the different colors by itself, and all this can be done by tapping on the bottle or anywhere around it. As long as the base senses the vibration from the tap, it will change to the next setting. The lamp is lit by a single RGB LED which is located in the base and it is powered by a usb power source. The input on the base is a micro usb port so in actuality you can pretty much use any micro usb cable and any usb power source. The light does come bundled with a 6 foot long usb to micro usb cable and a power adapter. The liquid in the bottle is solidified silicone so it will not pour out of the bottle by accident, although the cork can be removed. The chain that goes around the neck of the bottle can also be taken off, but it does make the bottle look much cooler. Please share Fun Toy Surprises with your friends so they can come and enjoy this awesome channel and super cool videos!

Presentatie LED-lampjes voor fotografie

LED-lampjes kunnen in veel gevallen (close-up, macro, product) de functie van een flitser overnemen. Je kun het licht prima doseren en je ziet door de zoeker meteen hoe de resulterende foto zal zijn.

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