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Learn How To Fold A Pocket Square In A Few Stylish Ways by Harry Rosen

Harry Rosen buyer Shannon Stewart demonstrates four simple yet stylish ways to fold your pocket squares. Pocket squares are a great way to showcase your personality while wearing a suit or sports jacket, with or without a tie. Square fold: By simply folding your pocket square in half four times, you create a neat, elegant look that is appropriate for all occasions. Pouf fold: To create this look, pinch the centre of your pocket square, draw the fabric through a loop of your finger and thumb, fold the bottom half up, and place in your pocket. Pocket Circle fold: A foolproof design, the pocket round is folded in the same way as the pouf, tucked into the pocket with either the seams or the centre showing. Peaked Fold: Fold your pocket square into a triangle, and fold the left edge over the right, keeping it slightly off-centre. Fold the top down to create a third peak. Tuck the bottom and the left side under and place it in your pocket. Pocket squares are a great way to add a lot of fun and personality to your outfit. If you use these basics as a starting point, you can really build on it and use your creativity and have a lot of fun accessorizing your outfit.

Four Ways To Fold A Pocket Square

Mr Michael Hill of Drake's, one of London's leading tie makers, shows us four ways to fold a pocket square. He also offers some advice about how to pick a square to complement the rest of your outfit, and reveals the secrets behind the perfect pocket puff. Learn how to express your personal style using stand out accessories. Shop Pocket Squares: Shop Blazers: Read the full article on The Journal: Connect with MR PORTER: Web: Twitter: Facebook: Google+: Instagram: Pinterest: Tumblr:

How to Fold a Pocket Square: 5 Easy Ways to Fold a Pocket Square Modern Tailor Link For Discount: Enter Code: ALPHAM10 for 10%OFF Order! Fashion Anchor: CODE: ALPHAM1 for $1 Off In this video professional male image consultant and style expert, Aaron Marino of iamalpham and alpha m, shows you his 5 favorite ways to fold a pocket square. Pocket squares are a great way to elevate the look and style of an outfit, suit or sport coat. The straight fold (television fold, presidential fold) is easy and always appropriate. 5 new and exciting ways to fold a pocket square or handkerchief.

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Detailed instructions on how to tie a windsor knot. Slow step by step instructions! Hope it helps! Please like my video or comment if it helped you! Thanks!

How to Fold a Pocket Square 7 Ways | The Distilled Man

A pocket square is that last finishing touch on your suit—a way to add a pop of color or an accent. Folding a pocket square may seem difficult, but in fact, it's fairly easy once you understand a few basic fold styles. In this video, Kyle Ingham of The Distilled Man talks about why every man should wear a pocket square, and shows how to fold a pocket square seven different ways. He covers a range of different pocket square folds from the most basic, the straight fold, all the way through the "winged puff" and the "3 stairs." Original Distilled Man post: ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­-------- VIDEOS YOU MIGHT WANT TO WATCH NEXT How to Tie a Double Windsor How to Tie a Half-Windsor How to Make a Martini ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­-------- FREE EBOOK I wrote a book and it’s totally free to download: ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­-------- Subscribe to see more videos like this: Twitter: Facebook:

Straight, single tip or flourish? In How to Fold a Pocket Square – Three Ways, we show you how to master different pocket square folds the easy way.

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