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Bushman Build An Alien House Inside The Amazon Jungle

Bushman Built An Alien House Inside The Amazon Jungle Welcome to my channel! I create this channel in order to show you about the real wilderness life. All my videos I will include the technique to build different kind of house and other things. Furthermore, I will show you about how to survive in the forest and how to use some primitive tools as well. Finally, I would like to thank you very much for always support us. Your support is our motivation. Please help us to get 999K subscribers. Wish you all the best. Best regards, Brave Wilderness Life

How To Test Rudraksh|Original Rudraksh Lab Test रुद्राक्ष लैब टैस्ट कैसे होता है Rudraksh Lab te...

Rudraksh lab Test this video tell us Pukhraj New Video- Neelam New Video- How To Lab Test Real Rudraksha rudraksha Original or fake . Rudraksha authenticity by lab test rudraksha Rudraksha Lab Certified rudraksha testing originality, rudraksha testing methods, rudraksha testimonials, rudraksha, original rudraksha test, lord identify real or fake rudraksha,how to test water rudraksha ek mukhi rudraksha,1 face water rudraksha copper water test,water original rudraksha water test authenticity,water test of rudraksha testing original rudraksha,how to test a rudraksha water,identify real or fake water test rudraksha,water rudraksha genuinity testing,rudraksha testing,rudraksha water testing,aastha tv videos,how to identify real rudraksha in hindi for more update please visit 1. Appearance of Rudraksha: An original bead will be in Reddish-brown / Pale-Yellow color with a lot of grooves on its exterior. There are only three sizes of a genuine Rudraksha- Amla fruit size, Zizyphus fruit size and Chick pea size. 2.Milk test: Put the bead in a glass of fresh milk. If the Rudraksha Bead is Original, then the milk won’t spoil even after 2-3 days. 3. Density test: Sinking of the bead in water or milk is a feature of real Rudraksha Bead. Rudraksha meaning—the eye of Rudra [Shiva] is considered to be the most potent manifestation of the Cosmic Force. Hence Rudraksha is the object of veneration and also the source to reach the higher self. Rudraksha is often believed to symbolize the link between the earth and the heaven. These beads are the seeds of the Rudraksha fruit obtained from Rudraksha trees. The Rudraksha tree is botanically known as ELAEOCARPUS GANITRUS ROXB. Its English name is UTRASUM BEAD TREE. Rudraksha trees are mostly found in South Eastern Asian Islands of Java, Sumatra, Borneo, Bali, Iran, Java, Timor (Indonesia) and parts of South Asian Kingdom of Nepal. Around 70% of the Rudraksha trees are found in Indonesia, 25% in Nepal and 5% in India. Considered a major stress reliever, reducing circulatory problems and of course as the best beads, the berry properties has not been possible, often resulting in the berry being subjected to esoteric mumbo jumbo. There are clefts called Mukhi on the surface of the beads. The number of Mukhi on the surface of a Rudraksha beads helps in determining its quality. According to the number of Mukhi the Rudraksha bead ranges from single face to a several faced bead. Asians have used Rudraksha beads traditionally. Asian Yogis and Monks found that merely wearing the Rudraksha beads gave them astonishingly tremendous amount of tranquility, concentration that helped them meditate for a long period of time with spectacular control over their mind. Rudraksha is the seed of the Rudraksha tree. It takes around 18 years to grow to its full size. “Rudraksha” the Sanskrit word means the “eyes of Shiva”. Rudraksha beads are worn for good health, religious attainment through Japa ( Prayers) and Shakti (power). Type Of Rudraksha One Mukhi (1 Face) Rudraksha Two Mukhi (2 Face) Rudraksha Three Mukhi (3 Face) Rudraksha Four Mukhi (4 Face) Rudraksha Five Mukhi (5 Face) Rudraksha Six Mukhi (6 Face) Rudraksha Seven Mukhi (7 Face) Rudraksha Eight Mukhi (8 Face) Rudraksha Nine Mukhi (9 Face) Rudraksha Ten Mukhi (10 Face) Rudraksha Eleven Mukhi (11 Face) Rudraksha Twelve Mukhi (12 Face) Rudraksha Thirteen Mukhi (13 Face) Rudraksha Fourteen Mukhi (14 Face) Rudraksha 1. One Mukhi (Face) Rudraksha Mantra : ' Om Hreem Namaha ' Ruling Planet : ' Sun ' 2. Two Mukhi (Face) Rudraksha Mantra : ' Om Namaha ' Ruling Planet : ' Moon ' 3. Three Mukhi (Face) Rudraksha Mantra : ' Om Kleem Namaha ' Ruling Planet : ' Mars ' 4. Four Mukhi (Face) Rudraksha Mantra : ' Om Hreem Namaha ' Ruling Planet : ' Mercury ' 5. Five Mukhi (Face) Rudraksha Mantra : ' Om Hreem Namaha ' Ruling Planet : ' Jupiter ' 6. Six Mukhi (Face) Rudraksha Mantra : ' Om Hreem Hoom Namah ' Ruling Planet : ' Venus ' 7. Seven Mukhi (Face) Rudraksha Mantra : ' Om Hoom Namaha ' Ruling Planet : ' Saturn ' 8. Eight Mukhi (Face) Rudraksha Mantra : ' Om Hoom Namaha ' Ruling Planet : ' Rahu ' 9. Nine Mukhi (Face) Rudraksha Mantra : ' Om Hreem Hoom Namaha ' Ruling Planet : ' Ketu ' 10. Ten Mukhi (Face) Rudraksha Mantra : ' Om Hreem Namaha ' Ruling Planet : None 11. Eleven Mukhi (Face) Rudraksha Mantra : ' Om Hreem Hoom Namaha ' Ruling Planet : None 12. Twelve Mukhi (Face) Rudraksha Mantra : ' Om Kraum Sraum Raum Namaha ' Ruling Planet : ' Sun ' 13. Thirteen Mukhi (Face) Rudraksha Mantra : ' Om Hreem Namaha ' Ruling Planet : ' Venus ' 14. Fourteen Mukhi (Face) Rudraksha Mantra : ' Om Namaha ' Ruling Planet : ' Saturn ' 15. Gauri Shankar Rudraksha Mantra : ' Om Gauri Shankaraye Namaha ' Ruling Planet : ' Moon

[LIVE] Ulitimate Fight To Survival Of Animals | Crazy Battle of Lion, Buffalo, Tiger, Leopard

[LIVE] Ulitimate Fight To Survival Of Animals | Crazy Battle of Lion, Buffalo, Tiger, Leopard ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ CLICK SUBSCRIBE --- ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ ♡♡♡ MORE ♡♡♡ ❣LIVE❣ ➤ (͡๏̮͡๏) MUST WATCH ➤ Animals Survival Discovery (͡๏̮͡๏) Animals Fight Survival ➤ (͡๏̮͡๏) Big Cats POWER ➤ (͡๏̮͡๏) Snake Documentary ➤ (͡๏̮͡๏) Crocodile Fight Formidable ➤ (͡๏̮͡๏) Leopard Hunting Awesomeness ➤ (͡๏̮͡๏) Reproduction Animals ➤ ►►►►►►►►► THANKS FOR WATCHING ◄◄◄◄◄◄◄◄◄ ♡♡♡AND DON'T FORGET TO LIKE COMMENTS AND SUBSCRIBE!♡♡♡

SENTINELESE : World's Most Isolated Tribe

Sentinelese are the world's most isolated tribe. They are an uncontacted tribe living in North Sentinel Island, one of the Andaman Islands in the Indian Ocean. They vigorously reject all contact with outsiders. The Indian government abandoned altogether their plans to establish contact with Sentinelese. Many believe that it is vital to respect their wish to remain uncontacted. Contact with them could endanger this tribe as they have no immunity to common human diseases. It is vital that their wish to remain uncontacted is respected – if not, the entire tribe could be wiped out by diseases to which they have no immunity. Contact imposed upon other Andaman tribes has had a devastating impact. Help me grow and develop my channel - Become a Patron If you would like to support my channel - Visit: Other interesting video from this channel A Glimpse into the Mysterious World of Uncontacted Tribes Watch: Wild animals giving birth in a mind-bending ways Pale Blue Dot - An iconic image of a lonely planet Giant Clouds of Gas and Dust in Space BACKGROUND MUSIC - [Creative Commons Music] CINEMATIC IMPRESSIVE DOCUMENTARY MOVIE SCORE BACKGROUND MUSIC This song is published under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0 license #sentinelese #northsentinelisland #sentinelesetribe

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah - Episode 1155 - 7th June 2013

Hole in Jethalal's favourite Shirt -- All the Parents of Gokuldham society are extremely worried for Tapu Sena. Tapu Sena seems to be pretty confident about their result. Jethalal lands in deep trouble as his favourite shirt gets torn. Will Daya reveal the truth to Babita? - To know what happens next, watch this hilarious episode of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah. The show is inspired from the famous humorous column 'Duniya Ne Undha Chasma' written by the eminent Gujarati writer Mr. Tarak Mehta. This story evolves around happenings in "Gokuldham Co-operative Society" and covers topical issues which are socially relevant.The show predominantly - Promoolves around 'Jethalaal' (Dilip Joshi) who is an uneducated Gujarati businessman. Your 'Taarak Mehta' (Sailesh Lodha), is his neighbour. 'Jethalaal' finds a friend and philosopher in 'Taarak Mehta' and often goes to him for advice whenever he is in trouble. Jethalaal's family includes his simpleton wife 'Daya Ben' (Disha Wakani) and a mischievous son 'Tapu' (Bhavya Gandhi). Tapu is a menace and a constant source of trouble to all the members of Gokuldham. They have often warned 'Jethalaal' to reform 'Tapu' or else be prepared to leave the premises. Lost hopes of being heard by his son pushes Jethalaal' to call his father 'Champaklal' (Amit Bhatt) from the village. This was his great idea of leashing some control over the mischievous Tapu. The opposite happens and the grandfather joins hands with the grandson to make life a roller coaster troublesome ride for Jethalaal.

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