Synchro Tap/YG-1 Cutting Tools

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X5070 / YG-1 Cutting tools

▶ Find our latest items at : YG-1 is a Major Global Cutting Tool Manufacturing Company that exports to more than 74 countries and holds 26 worldwide branches. YG-1 Milling tools are recognized to be one of the most cost efficient cutting tools in the world, satisfying many users by providing a mass increase in productivity. It is also well known for its outstanding performances and its wide variety of products. Making it possible to cover a vast range of work materials and also numerous applications.

Drill & Auger Bit Manufacturing

Drill Bit Manufacturing with a Leistritz Whirling Machine. This video shows a new, fully automated whirling machine with specific solutions for high production of masonry and wood bits.

Ultra-Precision Cutting Tool UPC-Nano Tools (English version)

With their cutting edge form accuracy on the order of nanometer and extreme sharpness, the UPC-Nano microforming tools produce excellent surface roughness and straightness, which cannot be obtained using photolithography or ion-beam methods. Features ・Highly precise grooving unattainable by photolithography or ion-beam methods. ・Ultrafine straight grooving of 900 nm (0.9 μm). ・30-μm wide flexible grooving. ・Three dimensional precision machining by R30-μm ball endmill. ・Highly efficient one-pass machining of elliptical, aspherical and concave round shapes. Please see the URL here.

Mega Synchro Tapping Holder

BIG Daishowa Mega Synchro Tapping Holder / Gewindeschneidfutter MEGA Synchro

Eckold Kraftformer

Descript▶ FInd our latest items at :

YG-1 is a Major Global Company that exports to more than 74 countries and holds 23 worldwide branches.

YG-1 threading tools are highly acclaimed for its excellent quality and unique design, constantly remaining as the No.1 choice.
YG-1 Synchro Tap realized the optimal flute design for high processing and complemented its hardness by adopting YG-1 specific geometry to prevent thinning. Productivity is up to 3 time Faster in tapping compare to conventional taps in General Steel.
High Speed, High Precision for CNC Machining

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