Watch This Before You Buy A Winter Jacket This Year!

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Insulated Jacket Buying Guide - Down vs Synthetic Insulation

Charlie from GO Outdoors takes you through the main differences between down and synthetic insulation to help you choose which is right for your needs.

Why is Arc'teryx so Expensive?

Arc'teryx is probably the most hardcore outdoor clothing company on the planet, but it the technology they employ really worth the crazy price tags? Beta AR Jacket: Proton LT Hoodie: My Patagonia jacket: Check out my Patagonia video! Check me out: What I use to shoot my videos! Tripod: Camera: Vlog Lens: Other Lens: Microphone:

How-to Layer Winter Clothing To Stay Warm Outdoors (0 C to -30 C) Tutorial

Up north, in Canada, we have lots of snow and frequent snowstorms. We often dress in layers during the wintertime. Cold weather exposure can be dangerous. The clothes I am wearing in the video are not survival grade clothes. Before going into extremely cold temperatures, get the right clothes and some expert advise. Extremely cold temperatures can be dangerous.The video demonstrates how to use clothes the average person might have in their house to stay warmer. These clothes would probably work to around -30 Celcius for around 2-3 hours outside. They are not survival grade clothes. Exposure to the cold can be dangerous. Blood flows through you body, pumped by the heart, from the core body where the organs are located to the extremities such as head, hands, and feet. Fifty per cent of heat loss occurs through the head so be sure to keep you head warm. When blood flows to the hands and feet, it gets cold and is pumped back into the heart. When you body gets too cold, you shiver to stay warm and blood flow is slowed down to hands and feet, top keep the core warm. Resultingly, your hands and feet feel numb. Your body is like a heating system. Keep you whole body warm, particularily head, hands and feet. Keep the ears and nose warm, because the can get frostbite. Put on lots of layers and take them off again if you get hot. When you move, your body generates heat. Try and avoid sweating in all these clothes, because if you get sweaty and then sit around in cold temperatures, your body will get cold. Frostbite occurs when your flesh starts to freeze when exposed for prolonged periods of time in very cold weather. Combat frostbite by keeping exposed flesh covered. Use the best clothes and best advice you can get. Test your cold weather clothes and techniques before you are in an emergency situation. Make sure your clothing and techniques work for you. For example, the Inuit (eskimos) in Alaska used special fur clothing which the sewed with bone needles. This is low tech clothing but these clothes and Inuit survival skills have a proven history of working perfectly in the fridgid artic for thousands of years. Stay warm, stay safe, have fun in the cold outdoors.

4 Best Jackets You Must Check Out! in 2018

Is it for fashion, climate or something else, Jackets are an essential part of a Man. So we are listing 4 of the best Jackets every man should check out. These jackets are feature filled that includes smart heating system, multiple pockets, waterproof layer and super looking design. Adv3nture Travel Jackets with 23 Innovations: Bergaffe - Sports, Travel and Outdoor Jacket: The Action Jacket: Plus- The Jacket that will free you from your bag: We need your Support to move on. So Please Support us by Subscribing: SUBSCRIBE: Follow us on Instagram - (We post awesome gadget photos!)

OSC Canada

OSC - куртки для умеренных и арктических широт, сделано в Канаде.


The best place to buy winter jackets this 2017/2018 winter in 60 seconds

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