How to wear a pashmina. Why Pashminas are the ultimate accessory!

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How to Tie a Pashmina. Scarf Room shows you 10 fabulous stylish ways to tie and wear a pashmina shawl.




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Redesign a pashmina into a jacket on It’s Sew Easy with Joanne Banko (1207-1)

Subscribe to our Channel! Be prepared for all kinds of weather. Joanne Banko, blogger and sewing educator, redesigns a simple pashmina scarf to create a fashionable topper that you can dress up or down. Joanne defines a topper as a cross between a jacket and a shawl. She uses Coats and Clark threads and Kai Scissors to complete her project. She stitches on Brother International Corporation’s THE Dream Machine 2 Innov-is XV8500D sewing machine. Learn how to make this trendy topper on It’s Sew Easy.

"The Best Scarf Video" - Fashion Tips and Trends About Scarves

Marilyn Hellman narrates a video with valuable fashion tips about the shape, texture and fabrication blends to update and accessorize your wardrobe. You will learn how to choose scarves and the many ways in which you can wear them, depending on the style and colors of various tops, dresses and jackets. Marilyn Hellman owns "Marilyn's" - Distinctive European Fashion - a specialty store in Naples, Florida. Visit us at Hello, I'm Marilyn Hellman, and I have a shop in Naples, Florida, called Marilyn's, on Fifth Avenue South and I have been wanting to do this video for a very long time. -There are a lot of videos out there that talk about a how to tie a scarf, but no videos of to use a scarf in the most effective way, to make your outfit look the best. - You have to think about the texture and the textile of the scarf, silk scarves which are beautiful with a white blouse, but they really only have one use, you tie them, you put them with the outfit, and once people see you, in that scarf they always know that you have that scarf. - And there's another one that's a little stiffer, and has a lot of linen content in it, and it's a little stiffer, it's nice on an outer coat or on a raincoat or something like that, because it has a lot of form to it. - But when you really talk about wearing something as an accessory, to your outfit it's all about silk in Modell or cashmere in Modell. - When using a scarf, you don’t care about the full picture, you care about how it looks all scrunched together - Model in silk or cashmere is that it's very pliable and you don't really have to know how to tie anything, you could just drape it. - Now you know the kinds of things that you can put it with, cream colors, or other colors, and how it enhances your face and sometimes you could even turn it a different way, and you can do it a different way, so they can show other colorations. - What shape should the scarf be? Rectangle is nice, but I prefer the square. This is our store scarf, it has our name on, and a design, as you can see it has our little dresses on it. It can dress up a white blouse. - Because of the Modell in silk or the Modell in cashmere, it actually stays on your blouse. - Let’s start from the outerwear and this also happens to be a rectangular. - This has a very strong, strong print on it, but as you can see, you can't even detect that from here, but when you put it together with all the different colors, it melds in beautifully with the jacket, which is a linen and treated waterproof jacket, from France - So, this is a good example of how we took a plain jacket, and made it really pretty. - We did this next one as a square, and this is one of the ones we showed you in the beginning, where I was showing you the different colorations - Here is a nice, cream colored of blouse, and I like this with this scarf, - This goes beautifully with a beige pair of pants; this is how we used the scarf with this outfit, to tie in this whole look. - We have these striped blouses, they're stretch and they're very popular with us, I used a bright colored scarf here, this is a square scarf, every bit as large as the ones we showed you, except we wrapped it around a few times - You keep this low to the neckline, so it isn't very warm - I wanted to show you this last one, it has to do is with a linen, remember, we showed you the linen scarf, it's a little too strong, A lot of people have these white on white with prints on them, and they're quite a little complicated to put with things, I think when you put them with black, it's just too stark unless you're wearing white pants, then it looks really nice. - What I did here is, I have a linen with a slight texture - make sure that the shirt that you have them on has a texture. That's why linen is a perfect candidate, and it didn't ruin the beautiful detail on the blouse and that still showed through. - I tied little knots on the end, by the way, this happens to be a rectangle. So, it was perfect for this kind of a styling and you could see I turned it, and I made it a little different here, Wear it with leggings maybe in a bright color, so just as something on a more casual look rather than thinking, of a scarf as something more formal. - Scarves can be used for other things than just on blouses and tops, for example, making dresses look special by using something other than jewelry to go with it. - Here we have this lovely print dress that one of our customers bought from us, and she gave me a challenge when I went back to Italy, and she said I need a scarf for this. - She was looking for something a little more interesting and I think we did it, sometimes we forget about the silk crimps, and the texture was what I was looking to do to make it interesting, and this has a small embroidery on it in black, which works in with design. It made a very interesting look for the customer, and they are very happy with it

How to dress up any attire! The many ways to wear a pashmina! Why a pashmina is the ultimate accessory in any woman's wardrobe! Pashmina, cashmere, wardrobe, elegant, pashminas
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