Random Clock Talks Volume 5

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Watchmaking Excellence: Hand Alignment

A part of the AWCI series on watchmaking excellence demonstrating the proper quality control procedure to check if the hands on a watch are properly installed.

How to service a Rolex at home.

a step by step guide to cleaning and fixing your Rolex watch at home.

Watch repair Rub In Jewel Settings. Fitting new jewel. Tutorial. Lesson

Watch Repair Course Level 1: https://goo.gl/kbZRSu ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Watch Repair Course is in progress - find out how you can take the course here: http://www.watchrepairtalk.com/watch-repair-lessons/watch_repair_lessons.html/wrc1/ The balance on this vintage pocket watch movement has a rather large amount of side shake and low amount of amplitude and upon investigation I found that the jewel hole on the balance cock is damaged. This is a rub-in style of jewel and a new one will need to be fitted using specialist tools for the purpose. I start by removing the balance assembly from the cock by unscrewing the stud screw. This loosens the stud from the balance cock and allows me to push the stud out. With the balance assembly removed from the cock I now have access to the end-stone screws. After removing these screws the end-stone falls away alone with the regulator index. Now I can properly inspect the jewel hole and indeed it is quite damaged. First I will extract the old jewel, and I do this with a jeweling tool. This one is made by Favorite although Seitz is another popular brand. After choosing a pusher of diameter slightly smaller than the jewel and set the vernier gauge so that the pusher rests just above the jewel I press down on the tool handle whilst slowly turning the vernier adjustment which causes the pusher to press down on the jewel. Doing this slowly allows the jewel to be extracted whilst the metal holding the jewel in place opens but doesn’t split. After removing the old jewel the metal surrounding the jewel is still fairly compressed so we need to use the spreading tool to open the diameter enough for the new jewel to be seated. Now I need to use these kinds of jeweling tool specially made for rub-in jewels. In this set there are two tools of several sizes each. One is to spread the metal which holds the jewel in place so that the new jewel can be placed. And the other is to close the metal around the jewel once fitted thus securing it tightly in place. I’m applying some oil to the tool jaws then after inserting the jaws into the jewel seating I adjust the screw so that the jaws speed outwards and arrest the metal. Then I turn the tool and continue to open the jaws until the gap is big enough for the jewel to fit. Next I place the jewel into the cavity and using the jewel press I drive the jewel down into its seating, and this ensures that the jewel is flat to the bottom. Now its time to rub the metal over the jewel so as to secure it. First I apply some oil to the metal and after adjusting the concave rub over tool to the correct diameter I apply some downwards pressure whilst turning the tool slightly adjusting the diameter if needed. Inspecting the jewel and seating I can see that the metal is now holding the jewel in place with no gaps or wobbles. Its time to re-assemble the balance. WAYS YOU CAN SUPPORT THE WATCH REPAIR CHANNEL ================================================= The videos I create on YouTube are free to watch. My passion is to teach the wonderful subject of watch repair full time and I do this with both YouTube videos, which are free to watch, along with the Watch Repair Course and also Ad-Free versions of the same videos I upload here. If you would like to support my efforts then I have made available several methods for you to do so… —————————————————————————————— 1. You can become a Patron via the popular crowdfunding website Patreon. This is a monthly support effort and you can cancel any time. By doing so you will have access to a number of Patron rewards including access to my Premium videos. Further Details on becoming a Patron: http://www.patreon.com/watchrepair —————————————————————————————— 2. You can offer a one-time give via Paypal. Any amount will be greatly appreciated. You can send a one-time gift here: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=4RENHRQMHUVXE —————————————————————————————— 3. You can browse and look through my fantastic and unique Watch Repair and Horology related T-Shirts. All money raised through the merchandise sales will go directly towards lessons development. Take a look at the designs here: https://shop.spreadshirt.com/watchrepairlessons/ —————————————————————————————— 4. You can become a Subscriber on my Watch Repair Talk forum. Subscriptions will allow you access to my premium videos and also the Watch Repair Course which is currently being developed. Become a subscriber here: http://www.watchrepairtalk.com/store/category/4-wrt-subscriptions/ Twitter: @watchrepairguy Facebook: http://facebook.com/watchservices Instagram: https://instagram.com/watchrepairguy Discuss watch repair issues and learn more at http://www.WatchRepairTalk.com/

Repair of an 8 day Hubert Herr Cuckoo Clock for Francis

Hubert Herr 8 day cuckoo clock is cleaned and repaired. Rack and snail strike is explained. Bellows are repaired by replacing leather. Brass insert is made for minute hand.

The Watchmakers

An introduction to the exciting world of watchmaking. Relationships are made of special moments. When the time is right, memorable gifts are given and sometimes they become family heirlooms. When these gifts are maintained they can be passed down to the next generation creating tangible memories. That is where we come in... The Watchmakers.

Volume 5 of J.M. Huckabee's Random Clock Talks produced in 1990 in conjunction with AWCI. In this volume Mr. Huckabee provides a demonstration and discussion about drilling the arbor using Huck's "turning in a box" method and making a pivot. RE-pivoting, assembly of clock movements, and the watchmaker's lathe and accessories

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