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TWiP 537 - Nikon Z7 First Look and iPhone for Pro Photography!

In this special episode, it's a double feature! TWO TWiP interviews... one featuring Troy Miller and his new toy, the Nikon Z7. And a second interview with iPhone photographer Jack Hollingsworth. Jack discusses how he thinks iPhone's will continue their trajectory towards being viable tools for professional photographers. feat. Jack Hollingsworth - Troy Miller - ---- + Instagram – + Twitter – + Facebook Group – + YouTube – + THIS WEEK IN PHOTO – + TWIP PRO – + TWiP PRO SCHOOL – + TWiP MEETUPS – + PATREON –

TWiP 538 - The Mystery of Fujifilm - Revealed!

In this episode, we DEEP DIVE into Fujifilm to discuss the product line, their loyal fanbase, and their unique approach to building and marketing cameras. Featuring Fujifilm Ambassadors Valerie Jardin and Wayne Johns! Valerie: Web FB: Instagram: Wayne: Web: Instagram: Twitter: Youtube: Facebook: LinkedIn: ------ + Instagram – + Twitter – + Facebook Group – + YouTube – + THIS WEEK IN PHOTO – + TWIP PRO – + TWiP PRO SCHOOL – + TWiP MEETUPS – + PATREON –

Smart, Glowing (and Artistic) Highway in Netherlands - Hi-Tech

In early April the first "Glowing Lines" section of road was unveiled on a provincial highway near Oss, in the Netherlands. It was designed by artist and innovator Daan Roosegaarde, using a light-emitting paint that glows at night. It's considered a sustainable alternative for areas where there's no conventional lighting and provides drivers a frame of reference, because the lines make the road's trajectory visible. Daan Roosegaarde explained how they work: "These are "Glowing Lines", which form part of the Smart Highway project. We developed a type of paint, which charges up during the day, and glows at night. So, it works if there's enough sun, and if it's cloudy, we can supply a little bit of electricity to top them up a little. We use a solar panel so it's energy-neutral. It's functional, but I also find it very artistic." Roosegaarde has other ideas for the future Smart Highways. Interactive lights that brighten when a vehicle approaches then dim when it passes by, saving energy when there is no traffic on the road. Wind lights get energy from roadside pinwheel generators, they light up using the draft produced by passing vehicles. "We are working on roads that charge electric cars whilst driving. We are developing a paint that will be used to print snowflakes on the surface of the road and will light up when it's slippery. It's a dynamic paint that appears when necessary and then disappears again," says Roosegaarde... READ MORE : euronews knowledge brings you a fresh mix of the world's most interesting know-hows, directly from space and sci-tech experts. Subscribe for your dose of space and sci-tech: Made by euronews, the most watched news channel in Europe.

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TWiP 536 - A Photokina 2018 Round Up!

In this episode, I’ll be joined by motorsports photographer Stephen Scharf. We’ll be discussing some of the more interesting announcements coming out of Photokina 2018 in Germany! --------- + Instagram – + Twitter – + Facebook – + YouTube – + THIS WEEK IN PHOTO – + TWIP PRO – + TWiP PRO SCHOOL – + TWiP MEETUPS – + PATREON –

In this interview I discuss the newest project from the 5 Day Deal team — they call it The Creative Highway. It's a collection of learning resources from a diverse group of creative professionals. Find out the juicy details in this interview with the brains behind the project, Griffin Hammond and Corwin Hiebert.

Check it out at:


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