#118, 475A-205-M, YULUN zigzag industrial sewing machine

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kameez neck stitching tutorial easy way [how to make]

kameez neck stitching tutorial😋

Cheap and economical leather sewing machine

Please click here (https://youtu.be/TGSqsUV1Abk) for watching new DEMO video, thanks! CowBoy CB105 is the highly affordable industrial sewing machine for leather workers who look for a cheap and economical leather stitcher. This cylinder bed leather sewing machine comes with reverse stitch, which is the improved replacement of Singer 45K and Adler 105. The whole mechanism of the industrial leather sewing machine is very easy. It is the inexpensive industrial sewing machine for saddlery, leather and bioplastic harnesses and bridles, gun holsters, ammo pouches, gun belts, weight belts, nylon webbing tow ropes, animal collars and leashes, luggage, shoes, moccasins, sport bags, golf bags, tool belts, load straps, lashing straps, container belts, heavy weight tents, tarpaulins, carpets and mats and protective garments. Tel:+1 (330) 6921418 E-mail: neelre@comcast.net http://www.cowboysew.com/product1.htm

Juki 1290 Industrial Zig Zag for Heavy weight material and Shoe Construction

The Juki 1290 is a lock stitch zig zag machine with double capacity bobbin. It is for medium to heavy weight material and leather shoe uppers. Thank you so much for your support and please consider sharing my video, liking my video and subscribing to my channel. Filmed and Produced by Jason Potts ♫Music By♫ Arist:T-Rav Song: "Free Fall" Album: "Illusions" Soundcloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/TravOfficial Available on iTunes

Pfaff 118 Light material sample

http://atlaslevy.com If you are looking for an industrial sewing machine/part, just like the one shown in the video or a different one, don't hesitate to contact us. We have many machines/parts for your selection. We sell brand new and used new machines. http://atlaslevy.com http://facebook.com/atlaslevy https://plus.google.com/+Atlaslevy_com http://www.youtube.com/user/atlaslevy (213) 747-9600 (800) 216-9128

First Look at the Pocket Punch Board

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YULUN zigzag industrial sewing machines
475A-205-M plain zigzag
475A-225-M 2-step 3-poing zigzag
475A-235-M 3-step 4-point zigzag
Cylinder Bed, Single Needle, Upper & Lower Feed, Lock Stitch, Zigzag Industrial Sewing Machine (Large Hook)

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