Three of the best team building events for small business - Corporate Challenge Events

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Team building activities popular in corporate retreats - Corporate Challenge Events

Today’s corporate retreat is more purposeful than ever with organisations looking to maximise the occasion with strategic planning sessions, team building activities and corporate training workshops. For more information, please contact. Corporate Challenge Events, 1/12 Macro Ct Rowville, Melbourne, VIC 3178, Phone: 03 9753 2562, Fax: 03 9763 6880, Web:

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3 team building programs ideal for small groups - Risk Reward, Art in a Day and City Scramble. Team building is just as important for small businesses today than it is for organisations with a large workforce. Team building exercises are often associated with larger companies who have multiple departments to bring all employees together.

For more information, please contact.
Corporate Challenge Events,
1/12 Macro Ct Rowville,
Melbourne, VIC 3178,
Phone: 03 9753 2562,
Fax: 03 9763 6880,

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