Should a Metal Roof be Installed Over Battens? – Metal Roofing 101 with Todd Miller

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Installing Metal Roofing Panels

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Framing : OSB vs. Plywood - Whats the difference in COST AND PERFORMANCE

Talking Cost and Performance With The Most Popular Sheathing Choices - Plywood vs. OSB when Framing a New Home! Photo Credit - Huge thanks to our Show sponsors USG/Tremco, Polywall, Huber, Dorken Delta, Prosoco, Marvin Windows, Roxul & Endura for helping to make these videos possible! These are all trusted companies that Matt has worked with for years and trusts their products in the homes he builds.

7 Common Problems of a Metal Roof

What are some common problems with metal roofing? Learn the ins and outs of metal roofing by downloading your free Metal Roofing Buyer's Guide eBook below! This e-book is packed with valuable information from industry experts and is designed to: -Educate you on all of the different types and choices for metal roofing -Provide honest comparisons between metal roofing and other roofing materials -Discuss commonly asked questions from prospective buyers -Assist you with choosing and buying the best metal roof for you and your needs DOWNLOAD HERE ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇ ********************************** Welcome to Metal Roofing 101, where we take a look at metal roofing components, problems, cost, comparisons and reviews. Thad Barnette interviews experts, visits job sites and answers some of the most common metal roofing questions asked today. Get ready to learn everything you'll ever need to know about metal roofing! Today's epidsode of Metal Roofing 101 dives into 7 common problems with metal roofing, how to spot them, and how to fix or prevent them. Topics covered: ►Oil Canning 0:32 ►Leaking 2:25 ►Scratching and Scuffing 3:43 ►Corrosion 4:45 ►Dissimilar Materials 6:33 ►Chalking and Fading 8:14 ►Installation Error 9:09 Want to learn more about metal roofing materials and how to choose the best one for you? Download your free Metal Roofing Buyer's Guide eBook: ********************************** FOLLOW THE SHEFFIELD METALS TEAM ► ► Visit Our Website: Subscribe To Our Blog:

Adjusting a door with a penny and not planing it

Adjusting door hinges to pull it away from the lock side that may be hitting

Condensation and Metal Roofing – Metal Roofing 101 with Todd Miller

Condensation and Metal Roofing I was actually in this industry for quite a few years before I really understood condensation in a building and how a metal roof might impact it. In fact, I always sort of thought that metal roofs would regularly get condensation on the back side of the panels – between the metal roof panels and the roof deck. Turns out that is rarely if ever the case. Condensation occurs when the dewpoint is reached as warm moist area comes in contact with a cooler surface. That really doesn’t happen on the back side of metal roof panels because both are out in ambient conditions without any significant temperature or humidity differential. When it comes to condensation, the discussion is no different with metal roofing than it is with standard roofing. The place where condensation might occur is in the building’s attic. Fact is, we do all kinds of things to make our homes and other buildings tighter for energy efficiency purposes. We put in better windows and doors. We put house wraps or insulation on the outside of the home. The result is that the moisture we generate inside our homes from bathing, cooking, and etc. including even house plants and ventless gas stoves, now gets trapped inside the structure. That moisture migrates upward to the attic and, if it is not vented outward, it condenses on cool surfaces – usually the bottom side of the wood deck on the roof’s surface when it starts to cool down in the evenings. This really occurs no matter what sort of material is on the roof itself. The only exception is with a vertical seam roof that has direct contact with the roof deck. This could drop the roof deck temperature a couple of degrees from what it would be with, say, asphalt shingles. And that couple of degrees could be enough to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back and creates condensation that never occurred previous to the metal roof. A metal roof such as a metal shingle, though, that has an air gap between the metal and the roof deck, does not pose this risk. In addition to ventilation, vapor barriers and things like closed cell urethane foam can be very helpful at avoiding attic condensation.

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