Ports in h1 : MCC retail vs MCC Insider (read description)

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bad tacs 3

was gonna upload the first clip but felt like actually making another vid. but this time i didnt want to edit it like the last one. i wanted to add more lolz so thats why the last clips are in here lol made this in like 15 mins lol :) enjoy

Dafunq H1 tage 1080 60fps

I wanted to test my bad hybrid settings and I used it on the best Twitter montage ever so yeah. I think Dafunq edited this on his phone lmao. I should of cropped out the black line at the bottom but im lazy and stupid so yeah enjoy :)


Since Impacts veid is out heres F behind the scenes lol xd. The lyrics for the vid were ment to say "this air feels strange to me" but he says F in stead of air lmao xd heres Impacts vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxGnQN6tjOY

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---TOP is mcc insider
---Bottom is mcc retail
this is one of the first things i noticed with the insider and its really sensitive
only did 5 maps cause there the ones that r most played and with the type of teleports to demonstrate this
I may do chiron tl-34 but idk
the mcc retail ports r more like og but arnt as consistent (btw i went on og xbox but i dont have a way to cap it and im lazy xD) but u have to run right in a way.
now touching the insider portals they r really touchy but not in a bad way that ruins h1 IMO
But some things i dont like about either of the portals of each game is that each maps portals r different For Example on rat race it spits u out to the right of it as u will c, Derelict has it where u just stop there like a small pause.
I just want them to be consistent for all the maps and more or less the same not sure why that is even if its in the og.
Not sure if 343i c's this but 1 thing i want for the portals is the green swigly lines in the portal and not a blank green screne thing in mcc

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