How to Improve Your Photography Instantly

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Photographing The World Free Lesson 1 With Elia Locardi

Download the raw files and follow along with Elia here: Learn more about the full tutorial here: Fstoppers partnered up with Elia Locardi to produce one of the most comprehensive landscape photography tutorials ever filmed. The lessons include multiple locations, countries, shooting tips, and post processing techniques.

Tips for Improving Your Photography with Tim Grey

Photographers spend time learning about Lightroom, but in this session Tim Grey shows you how Lightroom can help you learn about yourself and your photography. You’ll see real-world examples of how the tools for organizing and optimizing images in Lightroom have helped Tim improve his photography, and even inspire the creation of new images. You’ll learn how to filter and compare images to help you anticipate common problems in your photography, how to locate images based on specific settings used at the time of capture, how you can gain inspiration to create new images based on what you learn in Lightroom, and much more. Tim Grey's Website

Depth of Field 2018 | Robert Evans - Creating Powerful Imagery

Photographer Robert Evans talks about how the simplicity of certain images can make them really stand out. He stresses that beyond an individual photographer’s vision and personality, there are other traits that are integral to capturing great photos – being bold, taking creative risks, and shooting from the heart.

From Snapshots to Photography

** Click the show more button below for more info** We often stand amazed at photographs and wonder "how was that done?". Two powerful lessons one needs to learn is what lens to use for which situation and how to compose a photo for the most powerful presentation. Lenses and composition go hand in hand in knowing how to turn your "snapshot" looking photos into powerful images. Join Jim Dicecco as he shows you how lenses and composition work together to help your images pack that powerful punch.

Understanding The 3 Primary Metering Modes | Photography 101

Light is quintessential when it comes to photography, and understanding how your camera meters light is just as important. Spot Metering, Matrix Metering, 18% Grey, do any of these words mean anything to you? If not, then this video will teach you everything you need to know. Workshop Link: Article Link: Gear: Camera in Video: Tripod in Video: All Images Copyright Lin and Jirsa Photography:

In this video Eric Stoner from Canon U.S.A. shares a plethora of images with you so you can visually see what goes into making a great image. He also shows you some images that need some help and how to address the issues.

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