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Judicial Watch EXCLUSIVE Video: Caravan Migrants Coming 'From All Over the World'

**SUBTITLES AVAILABLE--Loosely Translated** "...they are from China, there are Indians, there are people from Brazil, there are people from all over the world." HAPPENING NOW--large numbers of migrants from various countries--including Brazil and even as far as China & India--are traveling through Central America to the United States. Some are coming for a new opportunity in America. One member stated they heard about the caravan via local news reports. Judicial Watch is currently reporting on the ground in Guatemala. Stay tuned for more footage... Donate today! ► Subscribe on YouTube! ► Check out our website ► "Like" us on Facebook ► Follow us on Twitter ►

I Know Who Is Helping The Migrant Caravan And I'm Angry! Find Out WHO By Watching!! #caravan

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The Impending Fall Of George Soros: Five Facts

Leave a comment and subscribe and you could win a free "Truth Is Making A Comeback" hat! George Soros: Is the Beast Slain? - Five Facts Hi, I’m Leesa K. Donner here with FIVE FACTS about George Soros. Much has been written about leftist George Soros of late and at we thought this a good time to lay out a few crucial facts. Fact One: Soros gambled millions – even billions -- on his version of Utopia and is beginning to see that his efforts are not working. In a lengthy New York Times Magazine expose, Soros said he “fears he’s losing” the liberal political battle he’s waged from one end of the earth to the other. Specifically, his efforts in Russia, Poland, Hungary, Italy, Great Britain and yes, the United States have been repudiated. In the last U.S. presidential election, Soros threw down somewhere between 20 to 25 million on Hillary and Company. And now according to an empathetic Michael Steinberger of the times, quote -- Soros is confronting the possibility that the goal to which he has devoted most of his wealth and the last chapter of his life will end in failure. Fact Two: George Soros really did say: “The world order needs a major overhaul.” - The Age of Fallibility: Consequences of the War on Terror, George Soros So, Soros has put down a cool $1.5 billion in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union to promote his version of liberal democracy. And $1.4 billion in the United States on issues such as criminal justice, drugs, education, immigration, equal rights, and democratic governance. And the world order may indeed be changing but not to Soros’s liking. And all this brings us to: FACT 3: George Soros gave at least $33 million in one year to the Black lives Matter foundation that fomented violence in Ferguson, MO. Despite a number of leftist fact check sites out there that say Soros didn’t really play a part in Ferguson, Soro’s’ nonprofit Open Society Foundations tax filings show the grant to BLM. According to Snopes: Soros-sponsored organizations helped mobilize protests in Ferguson, building grass-roots coalitions on the ground backed by a nationwide online and social media campaign. Fact four: George Soros recently said: former President Barack Obama was his “greatest disappointment.”   This is a bit of a fun fact. Soros, who was an early supporter of Obama’s 2008 presidential run, said that Obama was “actually my greatest disappointment.” When asked to clarify this statement by his wingman, Soros backpedaled a bit saying it wasn’t actually Obama’s presidency but rather that Obama "closed the door" on him after he secured the presidency and did not seek the billionaire’s advice. Fact five” The Soros Beast may be wounded but he’s not dead yet. Soros has contributed around $15 million to support Democrats in the midterm elections. And in Great Britain - Former UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage told the BBC that the campaign for a second Brexit referendum is funded by Soros. According to a report by The Guardian, Soros, has given more than $562,000 to the Best for Britain campaign which aims to put a full stop to the Brexit movement. And so -- Soros may be down but it would be unwise to count him out. I’m Leesa K. Donner and this has been a presentation of Liberty Nation dot com. If you like FIVE FACTS please subscribe to our youtube channel and thanks for watching.

BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi Calls Police After Who INVADED Her WALLED Mansion!

BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi Calls Police After Who INVADED Her WALLED Mansion! » Please Subscribe Our Channel: ===================================== Information data Credit,With thanks to: "music Source by". News theme2 and Act Three by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Artist: Like page : Visit Google plus page : Twitter : Our Thank you for watching!

Surprising New Results Just Came In About Republican Votes - Dems SILENT

Surprising New Results Just Came In About Republican Votes - Dems SILENT A surprising, almost shocking new result has surfaced after the midterm elections. Republicans received a higher percentage of Latino votes in the midterm elections than President Trump did in the 2016 election. That means that demographic is growing for Republicans and the Democrats are eerily silent over it. With good reason, I might add. That portends very bad things for the left in the 2020 presidential election. GOP candidates won 29 percent of the Latino vote even with Trump’s policies on illegal aliens, the border and the wall. The Latino vote swung key states such as Texas, Florida, Arizona, and Nevada. The Daily Caller has more on this unexpected electorate development: The percentage of Latinos who voted for GOP candidates in the 2018 midterm elections was higher than the percent... #Foxnewssunday #LATESTNEWSTODAY #topstories

As a migrant caravan roughly 7000 strong makes its way toward the United States southern border, the question has been raised as to how the group was organized. The Daily Beast interviewed who they credit with the origination of the caravan, Bartolo Fuentes, a Honduran ex-lawmaker. According to the Beast, Fuentes is the host of a radio show on migration called “Without Borders,” and put feet to that idea with his actions that triggered the migration. According to the report, it was sometime in September, when the former lawmaker realized that there were small groups of people hoping to leave Honduras and move north. According to the reports, the group numbered about 200 originally, however, Hondorus’ most-watched cable news channel picked up the story, and the caravan picked up participants. “After that news program I started to get hundreds of calls, then it took on a life of its own,” said Fuentes. “In Honduras, the government wants to minimize why people are leaving—they know they are going to leave and they want to say they are doing so because of lies and the opposition, not the conditions that they created. This is in line with what the United States is saying—that there are false promises being made. And this pro-government news program played into that messaging, trying to say that there is financing when really people just need to get out.” After the media attention, the message went wide, and Hondurans from across the country joined in. The Daily Beast reported that many did so, in order to avoid having to pay a coyote, or a human trafficker, which can cost as much as $7000, a real difficulty for many would-be illegal aliens. When President Donald Trump said on Monday that the caravan carried “Middle Easterners,” The New York Times fact checkers immediately attempted to dispel the notion. However, the Daily Beast’s report on the caravan states that, “as it happens, for more than a century ‘Middle Easterners’ have been a significant part of the Honduran pop...
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