How to Survive a Canadian Winter in an RV

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Winter RV Tips ~ 5 Below Zero Temps & Ways to Keep RV Warm

Winter Overnight at the Backwoods Shelter

A solo winter overnight with minimal gear at my bushcraft shelter. I have another winter overnight video here: Thanks for subscribing, sharing, and commenting! Support and follow me: ✯ Buy me a coffee ➠ ✯ Patreon ➠ ✯ Instagram ➠ ✯ Facebook ➠ ✯ Amazon shop: Some of my other videos: ✯ Shelter Build ➠ ✯ Prison Bus ➠ ✯ Bush Hog ➠ ✯ Home Gym ➠

Cub vs Grizzly. Cubic Mini Wood Stoves.

A comparison of two Cubic mini wood stoves. The smaller Cub and the larger Grizzly.

Wintercamping in Norwegen mit Wohnwagen

16 tägige Tour durch Südnorwegen über Neujahr 2017

Coldest Places People Live

Some people choose to live in some insane remote places. See our top list of the coldest places that people actually choose to live. For more stories --- Follow our twitter account ---- Instagram --- 1) Oymyakon, Russia, For people living in places like Oymyakon, Russia, dealing with freezing temperatures is an everyday occurrence. Stand outside in -50°F weather and you’ll get frostbite in 10 minutes. Here are some of the coldest inhabited places on the planet. 2)Yakutsk, Russia One of a number of cities in the region of Siberia in Russia where temperatures can routinely reach below -50°F, with record lows reaching -80°F. 3) Barrow, Alaska The northernmost city in the United States and doesn’t break out of freezing temperatures until June. 4)Fraser, Colorado Nicknamed the “Icebox of the Nation," and often enjoys average temperatures of 1°F in the winter. 5) Astana, Kazakhstan The city of Astana, Kazakhstan is one of the coldest capital cities on the planet, where the temperature can reach -40°F in some winter months. 6) Stjordal, Norway The region of Stjordal, Norway, home to several towns, is frozen over for at least a third of the year as temperatures can plunge to -4°F. 7) Harbin, China The city of Harbin can see temperatures dropping to -10°F, which allows the city of 10 million people to host the “Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival” each year. 8) Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia Capital of Ulaan Baatar often sees temperatures around -20°F in the winter, and hosts a population of more than 1 million. 9) Concordia Station, Antarctica The Franco-Italian research station Concordia is one of several active scientific research stations near the South Pole, where temperatures can plunge below -180°F. 10) Oymyakon, Russia Another city in Siberia, is known as the world's coldest inhabited place, and has recorded temperatures as low as -96.2°F. Written By: Shea Huffman Edited By: Charlie Benavides Images Provided By: Getty Images Music: YouTube Music Library

After a year on the road in our van, we came back home and decided to spend the winter in an RV.
Let's say it was an interesting experience!

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