Black Panther in Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve Land, Maharashtra

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The Black Panther Seen In India | First Time Or Not

The Black Panther Seen In India First Time Or Not Or They Are Common Breed In India. Know In This Video Thanks For Watching Instamania

African Black Leopard In Heat - Cat Growls Snarls Displays Runs & Sprays At Big Cat Breeding Center

Subscribe: My Channel: More Leopard Video: This is Luna, the Black African Leopard who has entered into her 1st estrus or "Heat". I've never seen a leopard in heat before and so decided to share her experience with you. Since being her 1st heat, she will not be bred but that will be her purpose at Cheetah Experience... to increase her endangered species numbers. In the future a rightful mate will be selected for her. I knew Luna when she was a 2 month old cub; baby sitting her and spending nights. She does not remember me but that didn't matter to her when in heat. She only knows her keepers and volunteers. Another black leopard was purchased for her to become mates but it ended up being another female rather than a male. The hope is this other black leopard named Nova could become her friend. I don't know. In the wild, leopards are solitary. Anyway, I thought it interesting how Luna was completely taken over by the chemical and emotional stimulus to mate. She was nothing like this a week earlier and very lazy. Just talking to her got her riled up and it didn't matter who.. even Kinji The Cheetah. It just shows how powerful the instinct to procreate is. Without it... we would all become extinct. Please like this video if you like it ;) Thanks for watching! My YouTube Channel: Subscribe: Twitter: Facebook: Google+: PayPal: To help me finance my volunteering & making these great videos :=) Check Out My Book I Wrote:

Kabini as we saw it!

Video about Wildlife wonders of Kabini!Lucky sighting of the elusive Black Leopard

*Black "PANTHERS"...

The Black Panther mystery? What are these large black cats people claim to see around the world? * All the information in this video is believed to be correct... Subscribe to our Website: Follow Big Cat Rescue on Twitter Like Big Cat Rescue on Facebook Add Big Cat Rescue on Google+ Shop for cat themed items THANK YOU!

kokan forest black leopard

from- -black leopard found in Ratnagiri forest

Black Tiger

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