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Det här är en undervisning från New Wine ledarkonferens 2018 som hölls i Citykyrkan Stockholm (CKS). Just denna undervisning spelades in under onsdagen, 2018-03-21 19:00.

Personal Message From Wendy | God TV

Wendy Alec shares in detail about the breakdown of her marriage and her hopes for restoration. She reassures viewers that GOD TV will continue and prophetically decrees she will persevere in stewarding GOD TV to accomplish its mandate. She also addresses unfounded allegations, setting the record straight. GOD TV trustees, Steve Beik and Canon Andrew White open this important broadcast that deals with GOD TV's announcement that Rory Alec has stepped down. "GOD TV is doing the work of God, which the evil one wants to destroy." says Andrew White, "We sense brokenness, but are assured God is not finished with GOD TV." Steve Beik, who is GOD TV's Chief of Staff tells viewers the network is here to stay, that its mission has not changed, and thanks viewers for their continued support. Wendy Alec stresses this broadcast is for every viewer and partner who has stood with the ministry as they are the reason GOD TV exists. "I want to explain this very hard situation that has been so difficult for our GOD TV family, for our staff and for Rory and I and our children," she says, "That's what families do, they share truth. "Through these seven months, one thing has never changed. God has been so faithful and there have been times when I've felt He has carried me. I don't know what the outcome will be, but I have absolute trust in God. From this time forth there is going to be the release of a prophetic fire mantle on GOD TV that is going to hang the enemy on his own gallows for this attack on GOD TV. We will expand and explode and this mantle is going to bring the glory of God like never before." Watch Wendy sharing from her heart as well as messages of support from key Christian leaders and ministry friends. Bill Johnson of Bethel Church, Redding calls viewers to throw their weight behind GOD TV. Kim Clement says that until he as a prophet can see that Rory's seat can no longer filled, there is still hope. He appeals for Rory to return to his God-given calling. Patricia King says that the media carries the greatest spiritual attack and asks how believers should react when leaders falter. "By speaking the truth in love which shows mercy," she says. Lois Gott speaks about the need for valiant intercessors to rise up to pray for GOD TV and how heartache is often the precursor of revival. Cindy Jacobs encourages Wendy with a prophetic word. "No person built this network, God built this network and the Lord says, 'I AM the foundation, if My people stand behind Wendy, the media anointing of Isaiah 52:7 shall continue. Daughter I have anointed and appointed you for this battle, the angels you have written about are doing battle and My angels are greater than any demon'." Cindy also breaks a spirit of grief over viewers. "We are going to rise above this, we as family together. We are taking the battle to the heavens and we're going to win." E-mail Wendy and the team at Keep Calm and Carry On -

Is Daniel 8 next - Joel Richardson - Understanding The Times 2018

Is Daniel 8 next - Joel Richardson - from the Understanding The Times 2018 conference

Authority of the Believer Week @ Once

Learn to take your authority over the enemy with Gloria Copeland and Billye Brim. Original air date March 12, 2007.

Christy Wimber of the Vineyard Church movement has traveled the world teaching and encouraging the Body of Christ. She is the author of Transformed, Challenging Myths About The Power-Filled Life.

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