Samsung Galaxy A6 plus (2018) - Gaming Performance

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Samsung Galaxy A6+ Plus - Best TIPS & TRICKS, Advanced Hidden Features! 🔥🔥

Watch in हिन्दी! Presenting the awesome Tips & Tricks on Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus you shouldn't miss! Galaxy A6+ is a mid-range Samsung smartphone with almost all the smart Samsung features from flagships like Galaxy S9 Plus or Galaxy Note 8. In this single video, I have demonstrated all of those mind-blowing software features in details, I hope you find this video very useful! Sukesh Banik Gadgets Portal India [English video]

Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus Review With 5 Reasons To Buy & 4 Reasons To Not Buy- Pros & Cons

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Gaming performance on the Galaxy A6 plus (2018)

The Galaxy A6+ promises to deliver superior performance in the upper-middle segment of smartphones. Within this segment, smartphones are expected to deliver flawless gaming performance. While the launching and memory management may not be at top-notch level, but gameplay is expected to be smooth, without frame rates dropping and without any heating issues.

Galaxy A6 plus price in India: INR 25,999

Galaxy A6 plus specs:
OS: Android 8.0.0 Oreo
Processor: 1.8 Ghz Octa-core Snapdragon 450
GPU: Adreno 506
Dual SIM: Yes
4G ready: Yes
External memory: Yes, microSD up to 256 GB
Internal Memory: 64GB
Battery: 3,500 non-removable
Thickness: 7.9 mm
Display: 6 inches, Super AMOLED
Screen resolution: 1080 x 2220 pixels

The A6+ is rocking a Snapdragon 450 processor, which was launched last year at MWC in Shanghai and it’s a decent processor which comes integrated with Adreno 506 GPU that obviously supports the gaming experience a lot.

But while I’m playing Chameleon Run, which is quite a resource intensive game, earlier phones used to even heat up while playing this. However, processors have now gotten pretty efficient and don’t heat up but I can surely see some lag while i’m playing this game. It happens sometimes and I’m not sure if you can make that out - but I can actually see the frame rate drop in the Galaxy A6 plus for this game - which is not good.

However, the Super AMOLED screen really stands out and it looks gorgeous. The colors stand out nicely and they are quite punchy, saturated and vivid.

Playing modern combat 5 is actually much more smooth and better than playing Chameleon Run on the Galaxy A6 plus.

I’m using the 4 GB RAM model, so it’s definitely a notch above the 3 GB RAM model - but I worry that the 3 GB might lead to some lag or skipping of frames even on Modern Combat 5.

On the plus side, the 6 inch display is a real treat - even more so because it’s almost edge to edge infinity design. Not so much on the top and the bottom bezel, but its true for side bezels. And it is 18.5:9 ratio - so you get a pretty decent full screen app experience.

The A6+ also has Dolby Atmos setting that works very well with earphones. So if you were playing with earphones plugged in, ensure that you go into the Dolby Atmos setting and set to movie or something - it’ll definitely make a difference to your gameplay.

Overall, the Galaxy A6 plus does deliver a smooth gaming experience with almost no lag and that’s pretty for a device that comes within the 30,000 budget in Indian Rupees. Except for Chameleon Run, I think performed quite well in all game and as you’d expect from an upper-middle range smartphone.

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