My New Chinese Mini lathe Indexing Pin Assembly & New Tools

author Steve Jordan   2 нед. назад

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The Best Milling Set-Up For The Chinese Mini Lathe

See how easy it is to make a milling pallet and set up the mini lathe for milling. The most rigid set-up. Mill stainless steel with ease. Also a review of a few great tools from Chronos 52 PIECE CLAMP SET SMALL MILLING VICE 6" ANGLE PLATE DOUBLE SWIVEL VERTICAL MILLING SLIDE

New 130mm Dia SAN OU 3 Jaw Chuck & Machining Back-Plate

See the new High Quality San Ou K11-130 Chuck and how easy it is to use a cast iron weight modified back-plate to mount it on the Myford lathes. SEE LINKS BELOW FOR VARIOUS OPTIONS OF SAN- OU CHUCKS Available:- UK: US:

mini Milling machine USSR+China

Coordinate table Multi Power Tools

Chinese Mini Lathe Indexing Pulley Making & Using A Captive Mandrel

See my new indexing pulley & pin assembly in action on the Mini Lathe. Making and using a simple captive mandrel fixture to hold and machine a 24 hole indexing ring. MT2 Live Center Set Morse Taper 2MT Triple Bearing Lathe Tool -- Mid-year Mechanical Parts Sale (up to 80% off) --

XSY-AT1 VFD & 3 Phase Motor Bench Test Review Mini Lathe & Myford..

See how easy it is to connect, use and program the excellent (XSY-AT1)variable frequency drive inverter from Banggood to a new 3 phase 1HP motor. For use on my Chinese Mini Lathe & Myford ML7. SEE BUYING LINKS BELOW FOR THIS MODEL BUT CHECK WHAT VOLTAGE & PHASE TYPE OF VFD YOU NEED BEFORE BUYING. 2.2KW 220V AC 12A Single Phase Variable Frequency Inverter General -- US Warehouse --

Just a quick update on the progress of my new indexing pin assembly plus some great items for the machine shop from Banggood SEE BUYING LINKS BELOW:-
100mm Diameter ER32-UM Collet Chuck --
250V Universal DKLD DZ-6-2 15 Amp NVR Switch --
Dial Test Indicator Lever Gauge Scale Meter --
Multifunctional Digital Thermometer Temperature Display--
Home Brew LCD Digital Probe Embedded Thermometer --
15% off Cutting Tools -- (code: mct15)
More Banggood Tools --
Mid-year Mechanical Parts Sale (up to 80% off) --

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