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Pioneering Underground Mining

Joy Mining Machinery releases a new version of its most popular video "Pioneering Underground Mining". You can request a free copy of this video by contacting webresponse@joy.com and provide your name and mailing address and if you want the copy in DVD or Blu-ray format. It was first produced in 2001 to support a request by our US Midwest sales region to help a customer explain the difference between room and pillar and longwall mining to finance people. It quickly became the most widely distributed video in our library being used by universities, schools, shown to community groups, etc. The program was updated to show new products and includes all new HD video and animations.

Ponsse Scorpion slutavverkning

Clearcut sweden

Plastic Film Washing,recycling pelletizing line - GeorDing Machinery -

Recycling Machine - Washing Line with Pelletizing Line 3IN1 Turnkey Solution Official Website: http://www.geording.com.tw/en/index.html • Suitable for different kind of plastic lump materials, are able to separate high density and dirt material. • Suitable for plastic lumps, plastic bottles and etc. • With high speed washing machine, enable plastic materials inside the machine to be twisted, washed and separated dirt. • Separator to extrude waters • Whole set of electric facility are with automatic startup to protect wires in safe. We specialize in manufacturing of Plastic Washing Machine, Granulating Machine, Plastic Pelletizing Machine. The main businesses include: Plastic Washing Machine, Plastic Pelletizing Machine and planning of entire plant’s equipment. While the demand for output and quality in Plastic Washing Machine worldwide is increasing day by day, our determination for upholding the motto, “Quality is number one. Output comes second. Customer satisfaction. Perfect service”, will never shift. Under your support and encouragement, we will continue to provide quality Plastic Washing Machine, Granulating Machine, Plastic Pelletizing Machine products and services to higher standards.

Granulator 500kg/h

Granulator: 500kg/h Motor 30kw JOIN VSP GROUP PARTNER PROGRAM: https://youpartnerwsp.com/ru/join?72876

UUSI G-Sarjalainen! - HARVENNUS - TALVI 2018 [John Deere 1270G/414] FINLAND

Videolla pari kuukautta vanhan 1270G Jontikan ajoa, vm. 2018. Pitkällä puomilla (11,7m) ja H414 kouralla. Kuskina: Tikka Editointi: Tikka Musiikki: - AC/DC - Hells Bells - America - A Horse With Out Name - Metallica - Nothing Else Matters



#1 Train Snowblower :
A train snowblower is a piece of railroad snow removal equipment with a large circular set of blades on its front end that rotate to cut through the snow on the track ahead of it. The precursor to the rotary snowplow was the wedge snowplow.

#2 Fractum :
The Fractum breaker is the largest hammer in the world. Its energy impact, at up to 400,000J per stroke, is 15 times higher than the energy released by the biggest hydraulic hammer on the market. Fractum breakers are compatible with all popular earthmoving equipment. The hammer head is lifted to the top of the tube where it is released and freefalls to the ground.

#3 PONSSE Ergo :
The PONSSE Ergo of New Model Series is an ergonomic and powerful harvester for demanding harvesting conditions and steep slopes. New features of the Ergo include a more functional and maintenance-friendly structure, offering increased rigidity and quicker and easier refuelling and maintenance.

#4 Car Shreder :
Vehicle recycling is the dismantling of vehicles for spare parts. At the end of their useful life, vehicles have value as a source of spare parts and this has created a vehicle dismantling industry. A car crusher is often used to reduce the size of the scrapped vehicle for transportation to a steel mill.

#5 Bagger 293 :
Bagger 293 is a giant bucket-wheel excavator made by the German industrial company TAKRAF. It owns or shares some records for terrestrial vehicle size in the Guinness Book of Records. Bagger 293 was built in 1995, one of a group of similar sized 'sibling' vehicles such as the Bagger 281 (built in 1958), Bagger 285 (1975).

#6 Nautilus Minerals :
Nautilus Minerals is an underwater mineral exploration company headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is the first company to commercially explore the seafloor for massive sulfide systems, a potential source of high grade copper, gold, zinc and silver. As of 2016, the mining ship is being built and scheduled to depart for Papua New Guinea in 2018.

#7 Forage Harvester :
A forage harvester is a farm implement that harvests forage plants to make silage. Silage is grass, corn or other plant that has been chopped into small pieces, and compacted together in a storage silo, silage bunker, or in silage bags. Forage harvesters can be implements attached to a tractor, or they can be self-propelled units. In either configuration, they have either a drum (cutterhead) or a flywheel with a number of knives fixed to it that chops and blows the silage out a chute of the harvester into a wagon that is either connected to the harvester or to another vehicle driving alongside.

Music: The Victory Of The War-No Copyright Free Music,
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Credits: Fractum 2012 ApS, Kemper, HuseinMP,
PonssePlc, SAES International BV,
Pulsa Channel, CVS Technologies

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