US report: 'Shiloh hits back at Angelina Jolie'

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Shock US report Angelina Jolie accused of being a monster mum

Shock US report: Angelina Jolie accused of being a ‘monster mum’ --------- Source: newidea Subscribe my channel:

Justin Theroux Has Broken His Silence On The Details Behind His Split From Jennifer Aniston

Source : Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston announced their separation in February 2018 after more than two years of marriage. Then Theroux stayed silent on the matter for several months. But now he has finally revealed the details behind their break-up – and what he had to say might come as a surprise.

Meghan’s High Risk Pregnancy Shocks Queen, Harry’s Biggest Regret

Source: ► Please subscribe and enjoy more: OPINION: Meghan’s High-Risk Pregnancy Shocks Queen, Harry’s Biggest Regret Meghan Markle is pregnant, which is not the really shocking news. The 37-year-old former actress blasted the news to the royal family at Princess Eugenie’s wedding Friday afternoon, which caused issues with Eugenie’s mom, Sarah Ferguson, who felt Meghan was trying to upstage her daughter’s big day. But, the truth behind Meghan’s high-risk pregnancy is what shocked the Queen, and it might be Prince Harry’s biggest regret. Don’t miss this. Royal insiders are reporting Meghan Markles’ decision to blast her pregnancy news to the royal family at Princess Eugenie’s wedding on Friday afternoon was in poor taste but not shocking for those royal watchers who feel the former Suits star’s narcissistic personality won’t let anyone upstage her. Mirror reports, “Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been accused of ‘stealing Princess Eugenie’s spotlight’ after breaking their baby news – at her wedding. The couple reportedly told the Queen and other members of the Royal Family at the lavish ceremony at Windsor Castle on Friday that they were expecting their first child. Now, some fans have taken to social media to criticize the timing of the announcement, given it was 28-year-old Eugenie’s special day.” There’s a big reason we believe this pregnancy news must have caught the Queen off-guard. It’s widely known traveling overseas isn’t something a pregnant royal is allowed to do. The Sun reports, “Travelling abroad is frowned upon. Unlike many other royal women, Meghan is more affected by this ‘rule’ – she’d just touched down in Australia when she announced her pregnancy. According to reports, pregnant royals are encouraged to keep traveling abroad to a minimum – and it’s all to do with safety measures.” Which begs the question, isn’t this a high-risk pregnancy? Daily Mail reports, “However, because of the Duchess of Sussex’s age, the 37-year-old is technically classed as having a ‘geriatric pregnancy.’ The term has been around for decades to describe a pregnant woman over the age of 35 – but is not widely used anymore because of its ‘insulting’ tone.” ► Subscribe for more: All Playlist: ► LATEST NEWS: Royal Family News Today: Barack Obama News Today: Top Story: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow Us: ► Fanpage: ► Subscribe for more: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #LATESTNEWS #News #Politics #BreakingNews #PresidentTrump LATEST NEWS will share the videos for free, update the news, events, the fastest news in the electronic media. Videos can use content-based copyright law contains reasonable use Fair Use ( Very excited to partner with other electronic newspaper pages. Please send me an email.

TRAGEDY!! Prince Harry went crazy with William

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US report: 'Shiloh hits back at Angelina Jolie'
Source: newidea
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