KIA Grand Carnival Launched in Pakistan - PakWheels First Look

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KIA Grand Carnival | PakWheels | Review | Specifications | Details | Price | Launched | Pakistan

Finally, the wait is over KIA Grand Carnival Full Video Review is here! KIA Grand Carnival recently launched in Pakistan. This South Korean automaker has taken the local industry by storm with the launch of its all-new Grand Carnival. The vehicle is equipped with 3.3-liter engine mated to a 6-speed auto transmission that produces 270 horsepower at 6,400 rpm and 318 Nm of torque at 5,200. Kia has launched Grand Carnival in Pakistan in collaboration with its local partner Yunus Brothers Group forming Kia Lucky Motors Pakistan. It is a one of its kind vehicle which is expected to develop its category in Pakistan auto industry. The Grand Carnival is being offered at a starting price of PKR 3,999,000 for the standard version and PKR 4,799,000 for the Ex (high spec) version. Subscribe to our Youtube channel for more videos and tap the bell icon to promptly receive videos. Please provide us with your valuable feedback. Download Our App: For Android: For IOS: For more, visit: Gari Ki Deals, Only On PakWheels!

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The KIA Grand Carnival interior review

It's got space for another row behind but unlike the Hyundai Grand Starex which banters 11-seats, the KIA Grand Carnival tells you it can carry 8 - and 8 large bags too. What good is an MPV if you have to sacrifice human for luggage and vice versa? Aside from that, it's got some nice amnesties inside for the convenience of the whole family. Do check it out.

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2018 Kia Carnival MPV Full Car Overview

2018 Kia Carnival review - Top 5 Reasons why Carnival beats an SUV The Kia Carnival is an eight-seater, but in this report, let me show you why it’s actually the ideal seven-seater for most families: Five compelling facts to prosecute this case, below Needs versus wants. When objectivity and subjectivity collide. I can’t help you with the subjectivity - that’s your problem. But the facts are, nine out of 10 seven-seat SUV buyers would be better off in a Kia Carnival. The only exception here is if you actually want to do hardcore off-roading or heavy towing. Frankly, most families are happy driving to the beach; they don’t have to drive on it. People fantasise about all the off-roading they could do - the only problem with that is: They never do it. So they drive around for years in a vehicle compromised by capabilities they never exploit. Here are the top five five key reasons that punt the Kia Carnival to the top of the extended-family mass-transit class. If you’re juggling your kids, their friends, your ageing mum, a tsunami of groceries, plus a baby and whatever else makes your life tick, having to free up one arm to open a door (or three) is a complete pain - sometimes literally. Carnival offers huge automated sliding doors on each side, plus an automated rear tailgate - a major plus for both ingress and egress. And don't worry about the danger of the doors becoming de factor guillotines: each has an anti-trap mechanism. So, happily, it doesn’t matter how stupid your kids’ friends actually are - their parents won’t be suing you over that inconveniently lost limb. The door will never go ‘Terminator - Rise of the Machines’ and cut anything off. So that’s nice. In some (but not all) five-star SUVs, anyone who sits back in row 3 is - literally - a third-class citizen on safety. Even on five-star SUVs, critical head-protecting curtain airbag protection is often limited to rows one and two only. I don’t know why. Obviously this information is hard to dredge up - and in particular the carmakers selling the SUVs without curtains for the third row don’t shout that from the rooftop (or put it in the brochure). I get so many anguished e-mails from prolific breeders searching in vain for that special ‘wide-bodied’ SUV that can accommodate three child restraints abreast. SUVs generally offer child restraint anchor points in row 2 only, where there are three, and if you have three young children, that can get a bit squeezy (or even one teenager and two babies from the second time around...) But listen up, breeders. Because this will bring joy to your heart. Carnival has four child restraints. (And the three outboard ones - row 2 & 3 RH seats and row 2 LH seat - are ISOFIX-compatible as well.) The second-best thing about Carnival - in the objective SUV-thrashing domain - is load and accommodation versatility. Carnival transforms rapidly from responsible family transport to a spacious, comfortable van, in moments. And there is tremendous flexibility between accommodation and cargo space. FYI: The awesome all-terrain KickBike in these shots above, and in the video, is big. Really big - too big for most hatches, for example, and a challenge for a five-seat SUV. And Carnival swallows it with ease. You can carry it with five or even six seats deployed. It's a great vehicle for taking the kids to sport and getting dad to the hardware store - even in the same outing. I put 12 bales of mulch in it from the nursery during the week I evaluated the Carnival - and it wasn't even close to capacity. And now, the moment I’ve all been waiting for: The cherry on the icing on the cake of Carnival’s SUV domination. Here it is. SUVs are all about the prick-tease promise of seven-seat deliverability, but Carnival is all about the sex - it delivers truly orgasmic seven-seat self-indulgence. And all you have to do to experience this is get that middle seat in row 2 out of there. If you do that, you can walk straight through to row three. If you have never been a frequent user of all seven seats in an SUV, you won't understand how truly orgasmic this experience can be. Look, I know you still want an SUV. But I also know you’ll be better off in a Carnival. You know that, too. All you have to do now is make friends with that knowledge. You did all that breeding. You made this bed, now - do yourself a favour and lie in it with some vestigial dignity. Get the Carnival. It’s making all the right moves here. It’s over to you now - time for your id to battle your super-ego over the right new conveyance. May logic and rationality prevail. Good luck with that. Whatever you choose, I'm happy to assist with a discount, anywhere in Australia. (Plans for world domination, sadly still pending.)

KIA Grand Carnival stopped by today at PakWheels. Check out the latest car launched by KIA in Pakistan. Stay tuned for the full review.

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