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MUBUTV's Ritch Esra sits down with top Music Supervisor Sarah Webster (Pitch Perfect, Pitch Perfect 2) to discuss the role of Music Supervision today – What it is, how it’s changed over the last few years and how to most effectively get your music heard. various aspects of an artist’s career today from recording contracts to the various other kinds of agreements that artists and bands need to be aware of today.

Sarah Webster has worked on over sixty films and television series since 2003. Most notably Pitch Perfect 1 & 2. Each soundtrack won Top Soundtrack Award at the American Music Awards. (2013 & 2015). The Pitch Perfect 2 soundtrack was nominated for a Grammy for Top Soundtrack Album of 2015 as well as a Billboard Music Award. Pitch Perfect 2 is the highest grossing musical comedy of all time. It was her love of the underground dance music culture that was thriving on the West Coast in the early 1990’s that got Sarah her start in the music business. Somewhere between the Winter Music Conference and MIDEM, licensing house music for a software development company in Vancouver led to a job in business development for an independent record label group in New York City. Sarah’s focus shifted to visual media when she was hired to oversee the film music department for Canada’s
leading & largest music management & booking agency, soon after becoming VP of Music Supervision for S.L. Feldman & Associates.

During her years as an Executive, Sarah oversaw all aspects of music supervision for dozens of projects, from television documentaries to big budget feature films. All the while, acting as agent to numerous award winning score composers. She has supervised countless episodes & seasons of television series that have been broadcast in countries all over the World. In 2009 Sarah left the corporate environment to start her own company, Saraswati Music Supervision. Her credits include Academy Award & Palme d’Or nominated projects, from film festival winners to major box office successes.

Questions asked during video:
0:23 - As a music supervisor, when do you join the project? Who is in charge of hiring you? Is it the director, is it the studio, is it the producer? How do you get the job, first of all?

1:26 - Talk about some of the distinctions in music supervision between working on a film versus a television show, versus a game, or some other digital media.

2:39 - Over the last 10 years, so many more new music sources have come about in a marketplace. From your point of view as a supervisor, do you find yourself going to more music sources for your work, or using more independent type of music than you would have years ago?

4:11 - It also seems like you have so many more sources to go to. We live in a world that has just unlimited choice. Has that made your work more interesting or more challenging?

5:05 - Tell me your experience with music libraries, and with music placement companies. Are there certain ones that you go to, that you have good relationships with? How does that work for you?

6:14 - When independent artists or independent writers who want to present material, what would be the best way, or the ideal way that you like to be presented with material or contacted? Is there a specific criteria you have?

8:15 - For someone who’s watching and listening to this interview with you, what advice would you have for someone who wants to get into music supervision? Talk about some of the qualities that are necessary for someone who wants to pursue music supervision as a career.

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Best Ways To Approach Music Supervisors - Sarah Webster - MUBUTV: Insider Series - SE. 7

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