How To Wear A Shawl - 10 Stylist Suggestions

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How To Wear A Shawl --

With just a few basic styling techniques you can transform a shawl from a simple piece of fabric to an eye-catching accessory in only a matter of seconds.

In this video, Very Pashmina stylist Yanira Garza teaches some easy-to-learn ways you can either tie or drape your shawl. So, follow along and you'll master the art of shawl styling in no time.

Needing a certain look for a specific occasion? Yanira demonstrates several ways to wear a shawl so you can choose your style accordingly, from simple looks you can throw on as you're running out of the house to spice up a casual outfit of jeans and a t-shirt, to bolder styles that you can wear with an evening dress for that big night out.

And it doesn't have to be complicated! In fact, often the most elegant looks for a shawl are the simplest ones. Just by letting a pashmina shawl drape naturally you can show off the beautiful weave of the fabric.

Really, that's all it takes to look amazing with a shawl

To see Yanira's complete guide to shawl tying click on the link above!

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