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How to Choose and Install Laundry Appliances

Ask This Old House plumbing expert Richard Trethewey helps a couple pick out and install energy efficient appliances. Watch the whole episode: Tools: Screwdriver Level Adjustable wrench Shopping List: Washer Dryer Steps: 1. Richard discusses the options for the latest laundry appliance technology. 2. Richard shows off a top-loading washer. It’s the most commonly used, but highly inefficient. It doesn’t leave clothes very dry which means more electricity costs when it comes to the dryer. Richard also explains the top loader uses 40 gallons of water to wash one large load of laundry. 3. Richard then shows off a high-efficiency top loading model of washer. It does not include a center agitator and has a high-efficiency motor. Per load, this model uses 17 gallons of water. 4. Finally, Richard shows off a high-efficiency front-loading model that has a second washer below the larger one. It has double the capacity and uses only 13 gallons of water per load. Less than half of the typical washer. 5. For the installation, set down the bottom portion of the dryer and adjust the knobs at the bottom to make it level on the floor. 6. Place the top of the dryer on the base. 7. Connect the exhaust hose to the back of the dryer and tighten the clamp using a screwdriver to keep it in place. 8. Plug the dryer into a 220-volt outlet. 9. Level the pedestal washer, once again using the knobs on the base. 10. Place the washing machine on top of the pedestal washer and secure with screws. 11. Connect bronze splitters to main water connections. 12. Connect stainless steel braided hoses to the splitters and to the inlets on the washing machine. 13. Snug up the connections using an adjustable wrench or pliers. 14. Connect the discharges from both washing machines to a laundry basin or a stand pipe drain. 15. Plug the washing machines in to a standard receptacle.

15 Laundry HACKS to make Laundry Faster + Easier! | Jordan Page We partnered with Tide to show you 15 laundry hacks you must try! Everyone dreads doing laundry and for us moms, it is NOT one easy task. Here are 15 tips and tricks to make your weekly laundry life EASIER and FASTER! I'm Jordan and I post videos to Millennial Moms every other Wednesday! Don't miss out, subscribe to Millennial Moms! _ Follow Jordan! YouTube: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Blog: _ Follow Millennial Moms! Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: _ Created by Millennial Moms for Millennial Moms! We are the online home for smart, savvy women who want to share, learn, explore, and laugh about all the real-life moments that make us "moms"! Tune in daily Monday-Saturday at 10 am (CST) to find videos on food, DIY, lifestyle, beauty, fashion, advice, tips and much more! _ FTC disclosure: This video is sponsored by TIDE

Put Silver Foil In Washing Machine And You'll Be Amazed With What Happens Next

If you’re like most people, you use aluminum foil to line a roasting pan and cover your leftovers. You may even use a crumpled up piece of foil to give your pots and pans a good scour. But aluminum foil has dozens of other uses that can save you time and money. Here are 8 easy ways you can use and reuse aluminum foil that will make your life easier. 1.Improve Your Wi-Fi Signal If you’re the one who’s not satisfied with the speed of your Wi-Fi or want to increase router Wi-Fi strength, then with aluminum foil, you can increase and strengthen your Wi-Fi signals. Wrap foil to a rectangular cardboard, curve it and place it behind the antenna of your router. This aluminum foil will reflect the wireless signals into the direction that you wanted to be. 2.Fix a battery connection Over time, the little spring that holds the batteries in place within electronics such as flashlights can loosen. Take a small square of aluminum foil, about an inch squared, and fold it a few times, forming a small pad. Place the pad between the battery and the spring. The foil will keep the battery in place while completing the circuit.  3.Sharpen your scissors If you need to sharpen your scissors and get rid of rust, Fold several layers of foil and Cut smoothly through the foil ensuring all the blade touches the foil with each cut. Repeat several times, check the sharpness of scissors and repeat if needed. 4.Remove static electricity from your clothes Have you ever noticed dust particles getting attached to your clothes while drying your washed clothes? This happens because of static charge. The simple solution is to put some foil balls in the washer together with the laundry. After washing, your clothes won’t accumulate electricity and attract dust and hairs. 5.Move furniture easily Unless you're the Incredible Hulk, moving heavy furniture across carpet is difficult, back straining process. Make the process a little easier with a bit of aluminum foil. Just stick it under the furniture's legs and it should drag across the carpet much easier. 6.Protect food from burning In order to protect food from sticking in the frying pan, put a layer of foil at the bottom. This is also how you can cook without oil. 7.Seal plastic bags Fold a piece of aluminum foil over the opening of the bag. Make sure the aluminum foil covers all the plastic you intend on ironing so the iron does NOT come into contact with the actual plastic. Now run the hot iron over the foil for a minute or two, allowing the plastic to melt and seal. Let cool and remove the aluminum foil. 8.Iron clothes from both sides at once Put some aluminum foil under the clothes before ironing. Foil becomes hot really fast, and this is how your clothes can b

Stuck in a Washing Machine | Funny Clip | Classic Mr. Bean

Hi everyone, hope you're having a great Wednesday. Enjoy this clip! Mr. Bean plays a trick on a bully at the laundromat but at the ends up stuck inside a washing machine at the end. Subscribe! Welcome to the Classic Mr. Bean channel! Home of favourite Mr Bean clips, full episodes and movie scenes. To find out more about Mr Bean visit: Mr Bean on Facebook Follow us on Twitter #ClassicMrBean #FunnyClips #MrBean

Self Destructing Washing Machine Epic - Hotpoint Self Destructs

Don't try this at home! - Motor Direct powered with a Yamabishi 10A Variac at 300V max. amp meter barely hit 6 amps at max load! Concrete counterweights and good spare parts were removed from this before doing this test :D Kudos to Photonicinduction for inspiring/encouraging me to perfect the washing machine kill cycle! and if you have any doubts about what went in around the 3:40 mark, it was a motor from a similar machine, not a cat or dog like some idiots are claiming!.... sicko's!

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