Industrial Laundry Washing machines vidio(3)

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Industrial Laundry Washing machines vidio(4)

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How to Choose and Install Laundry Appliances

Ask This Old House plumbing expert Richard Trethewey helps a couple pick out and install energy efficient appliances. Watch the whole episode: Tools: Screwdriver Level Adjustable wrench Shopping List: Washer Dryer Steps: 1. Richard discusses the options for the latest laundry appliance technology. 2. Richard shows off a top-loading washer. It’s the most commonly used, but highly inefficient. It doesn’t leave clothes very dry which means more electricity costs when it comes to the dryer. Richard also explains the top loader uses 40 gallons of water to wash one large load of laundry. 3. Richard then shows off a high-efficiency top loading model of washer. It does not include a center agitator and has a high-efficiency motor. Per load, this model uses 17 gallons of water. 4. Finally, Richard shows off a high-efficiency front-loading model that has a second washer below the larger one. It has double the capacity and uses only 13 gallons of water per load. Less than half of the typical washer. 5. For the installation, set down the bottom portion of the dryer and adjust the knobs at the bottom to make it level on the floor. 6. Place the top of the dryer on the base. 7. Connect the exhaust hose to the back of the dryer and tighten the clamp using a screwdriver to keep it in place. 8. Plug the dryer into a 220-volt outlet. 9. Level the pedestal washer, once again using the knobs on the base. 10. Place the washing machine on top of the pedestal washer and secure with screws. 11. Connect bronze splitters to main water connections. 12. Connect stainless steel braided hoses to the splitters and to the inlets on the washing machine. 13. Snug up the connections using an adjustable wrench or pliers. 14. Connect the discharges from both washing machines to a laundry basin or a stand pipe drain. 15. Plug the washing machines in to a standard receptacle.

Wickedly Modified Tea Light Candles - Boil Test 1

Back in September I did a couple of videos to see if I could get water to boil using tea light candles. Turned out I could get hot water if I waited long enough but I just couldn't get it to boil. That was done using four tea light candles with simple crossbar potstand made out of 1 1/2" x 1/8" aluminum flat stock . I'll leave links below for the videos. The thing is I did some earlier videos using tea light candles where I used modified the candles by adding multiple wicks and I got water to a boil. So I wondered, instead of using multiple wicks per candle, how about if I use one larger wick per candle. So in this video you see how I modified the candle by removing the small wick in each of four candles and replacing the wick with a larger wick made from cotton pipe cleaners. I'll also show you my first try at the modified wicks which ended in failure. What I did was replace the original wick with a straight piece of cotton pipe cleaner that had been soaked in wax. But when I did an endurance test to see how long the modified candle would last against a standard candle, the modified wick fell over when all the wax melted. So this video Plan B using a modified cotton pipe cleaner wick with a built in stand. I'm hoping this will work better. Thanks for watching my videos, Hiram Links to my previous Tea Light Candle videos: Can Tea Light Candles Boil Water? Can Tea Light Candles Boil Water? II WetFire stove and Tea candle - Reloaded WetFire Stove - Tea Candle - Boil Test #2 - Reloaded WetFire Stove - Tea Candle - Boil Test #3 - Reloaded Lab0546 Title: Wickedly Modified Tea Light Candle - Boil Test 1 Room temp: 67° Humidity: 47% Weather condition: Sunny Burner: Wickedly Modified Tea Light Candle Stove/Pot stand: Hardware cloth pot stand - 2 1/4" tall Pot: Standard pot #1 Fuel: Tea Candles Amount of fuel: 4 Wickedly Modified Tea Light Candle Amount of water: 2 cup(s) Water temp at start: 60° Time to boil : 14 minutes 26 seconds Time to run-out: NA Water temp at run-out: NA Note: Soot on bottom of pot. NA = Not Applicable / Not Available Hammock Fight by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a CC Attribution 3.0. Permissions beyond the scope of this license are available at

Eudora washer spin from backside

My old Eudora washer again, see it from the backside and loock the simple great technic use in that washer! The click sound makes the mechanic programm drive

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Commercial Washing machine manufacture in jaipur

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