Spring Solid Long Sleeve Wave Ruffles Removable Stripe Shirt Collar Casual Ladies Party Dress

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Fashion: Shawl collar pattern cutting tutorial

Charlotte Ayers talks you through how to make a collar

DIY: How to Make and Attach a Polo Shirt Collar ✂

Do it yourself ✂ How to make and attach a Polo shirt collar Music: TITLE: Forever ARTIST: NICOLAI HEIDLAS

DIY: How to make a multi-functional dress. Part 12. How to make detachable collars.

Today we continue working with a multi-functional dress. I want to show you what I’ve done to make my dress look different. I’ve made 2 detachable collars – white and beige ones. Let’s have a close look at them. I’ll show you how the collars are attached to the dress. I’ll show you how to make such small eyelets, so that you can make such collars. I think that maybe some of you already know how to make such eyelets, but we all know that practice makes perfect. After that I’ll show you 2 more outfits with this multi-functional dress. Natalie will show you how to make such small eyelets. I prefer such small buttons with eyelets to snap fasteners. I’ll show you 2 different outfits with the collars. It’s very good to have a white collar. White collar is universal. It makes items look bright and fresh. I think that this is the easiest way to create different outfits with this dress – make several collars of different colors. Such design is very convenient. The buttons and the eyelets won’t let the collar move. The dress looks absolutely different and it’s amazing! Now you know that it’s not hard to look different wearing one and the same item. My name is Paukshte Irina. Subscribe to my channel!

How To Make a Simple Old T - DIY Shirt Collar Necklace Tutorial - Style

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How to Sew a Detachable Fashion Collar

Make an easy detachable collar for adding to other shirts for an extra pop of fashion without adding extra bulk. You can make one with an existing pattern or using an existing shirt for a pattern. This is a great way to use fabric in your fabric stash. Spiegel 60609 Sewing Machine http://www.spiegel.com/sewing/ WEBSITE https://www.professorpincushion.com/ PATREON https://www.patreon.com/professorpincushion BLOG https://www.professorpincushion.com/professorpincushion/detachable-collar/ APP https://www.professorpincushion.com/app/ FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/ProfessorPincushion/ TWITTER https://twitter.com/profpincushion/ INSTAGRAM https://instagram.com/professorpincushion/ Sewing machine used was provided by Spiegel.


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