171021 Lee Jong Suk at Seoul Fashion Week 2017

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SEEING KEY OF SHINEE, LEE JONG SUK & AHN JAE HYUNG!!! // Seoul Fashion Week Spring 2018

I just went to fashion week for the first time today and it was amazing! We saw: Highlight Lee Jong Suk Kim Kibum (Key of SHINee) Ahn Jae Hyun Someone from I. O. I And a crap ton of other people whose names I don't know lol ig: astoldbynovember

Collection of Lee Jong Suk Fashions - 이종석 패션

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His smile is beautiful... ( Happy birthday, Lee Jong Suk! ♥♥♥)

Lee Jong Suk confirms military enlistment date

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Lee Jong-suk 이종석 @ Paris Fashion Week 26 september 2017 show Yves Saint Laurent

Lee Jong-suk 이종석 @ Paris Fashion Week 26 september 2017 show Yves Saint Laurent

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