Exclusive sneak peek: Uniqlo's debut flagship store in Amsterdam

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Top 10 Things to Buy at Uniqlo | JAPAN SHOPPING GUIDE

Check out the best items to buy at Uniqlo as well as some tips when shopping there! It's one of my essential clothing brands because they carry well-made basic items you need at a great price! Prices in Japan are much lower than their branches abroad, especially since they have great sales going on all the time, so make sure to pay a visit to one of their many branches during your Japan trip! By the way, Uniqlo is also great for people looking for bigger size clothing in Japan, since most stores in Japan (at least for women) usually only have one size which tends to fit XS-M women only. Uniqlo offers XS to 4XL so pretty much everybody can find a size that fits! #UNIQLO #whattobuyinjapan #japanshoppingguide #tokiyuyu Uniqlo Ginza Flagship Store (apparently it's world's largest Uniqlo store!): 6 Chome-9-5 Ginza, Chūō, Tokyo 104-0061, Japan Other videos about Uniqlo Items: Top 10 Winter Musthaves: https://youtu.be/W2kIQgaGOck Winter Packing Tips: https://youtu.be/RhtQ45giUH0 List of Items Mentioned: 1. Temperature-controlled clothing - Heattech & Airism (price varies between 500-3000 yen depending on type of products) 2. Bra Tops & Dresses (about 2000 yen) 3. Wireless Bras (about 2000 yen) 4. Graphic T’s (as low as 500 yen when on sale, regular prices are about 1000-1500 yen) 5. UV-Cut Clothing (about 2000 yen) 6. Work Outfits (price varies between 1500-5000 yen) 7. Fleece Jackets (2000-3000 yen) 8. Pocketable Jackets (2000-6000 yen) 9. Multi-Way Scarf (about 2000 yen) 10. Shoes (between 2000-3000 yen) Follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tokiyuyu/ MUSIC: Fresh Fallen Snow

Marie Kondo: Basic Folding Method

The basic method of folding as detailed in Marie Kondo's bestselling books - The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying and Spark Joy. Spark Joy: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Spark-Joy-Illustrated-Japanese-Tidying/dp/1785041029 The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Life-Changing-Magic-Tidying-effective-clutter/dp/0091955106/

Guia de compras na Uniqlo em Nova York: Escolhendo Roupas de Inverno

A Uniqlo é referência quando a gente fala sobre como se vestir no inverno em Nova York. A marca japonesa é autoridade quando o assunto é roupa térmica. E, acreditem, essas roupas fazem bastante diferença na hora de montar o look para encarar as baixas temperaturas da cidade. Neste vídeo, ajudo você a entender um pouco das nomenclaturas e descobrir que tipo de peça será útil para você! SIGA-ME NO INSTAGRAM @laura_peruchi CONFIRA MEUS E-BOOKS https://bit.ly/2kg31wB Adquira seus produtos Uniqlo pelos links abaixo - isso não custa a mais para você e ajuda o meu trabalho! SITE DA UNIQLO https://bit.ly/2DWT3vi COMPRE AS PEÇAS TÉRMICAS FEMININAS https://bit.ly/2PbbKxj COMPRE AS PEÇAS TÉRMICAS MASCULINAS https://bit.ly/2FYulgR LINHA ULTRA WARM PARA ELAS https://bit.ly/2Rvxcz7 LINHA ULTRA WARM PARA ELES https://bit.ly/2RvxRR7 LINHA EXTRA WARM PARA ELAS https://bit.ly/2QwoMdv LINHA EXTRA WARM PARA ELES https://bit.ly/2RCH9KQ LINHA ULTRA LIGHT DOWN PARA ELAS https://bit.ly/2AIEdoW LINHA ULTRA LIGHT DOWN PARA ELES https://bit.ly/2KPlEUI CASACO SEAMLESS DOWN / ULTRA WARM DOWN PARA ELAS https://bit.ly/2U9G0MF CASACO SEAMLESS DOWN / ULTRA WARM DOWN PARA ELES https://bit.ly/2Uei2QD FLEECE PARA ELAS https://bit.ly/2E9rDTL FLEECE PARA ELES https://bit.ly/2FYuMrv


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Japanese retailer Uniqlo is set to open the doors of its first flagship store in the Netherlands on Friday, September 28, at 10.00:AM local time. FashionUnited visited the store before its inauguration and spoke to the company’s COO, Kohsuke Kobayashi, and its Brand Marketing Manager for the Benelux region, Evelien van Campenhout.

Credit: Inge Beekmans for FashionUnited.

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