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Top 3 Flat Roof Systems Explained - Torch Down, EPDM, TPO - Which is the best?

Inside information on the pros and cons of EPDM Rubber, TPO Vinyl and Modified Bitumen Torch down roofing systems. Authentic videos show the advantages and disadvantages of each flat roof system. Most Roofing Contractors will sell a potential owner an EPDM Rubber Roof. This is the worst type of roofing system to have, especially on a commercial roof. Watch the video to see the differences in the different rubber roofs. The cost of each roofing system depends on the roofing contractor, the accessibility, and the complications. Very few roofing contractors install a two-ply rubber roofing system. Because they have to compete with other contractors, they will have to sell the cheapest roof to an owner. The owner then ends up with an inferior roof due to price comparison and a few years later, the EPDM Rubber roof that they got at a bargain price is starting to fail. We have seen this process happen over and over. Although it is is difficult to find a Roofing Contractor and one that is familiar with a two-ply Torch Down Rubber Roof, it is still far better to search and pay the extra cost to have the best rubber roof installed. A Two-Ply Torch Down Rubber roof with Ceramic granules embedded will last indefinitely. For more information on a Two Ply Torch Down Roof, you can call us or go to our website to learn more. Tel 203 858 0080 - Eastern time zone - Call anytime from 7 am to 9 pm Mon-Sat.

EPDM Rubber Roof Over New Insulation New Warm Roof

EPDM rubber warm roof being installed over old decking using a new vapour barrier and thermally broken fixings. The guttering and gutter board has been removed so that the insulation can be fixed between the joists, continuing the insulation of the new warm roof down to the wall of the building. When installing a new warm roof ,this area is often forgotten - its rather like sleeping under your quilt and not tucking in the edges, so you get cold spots along the edges. Cold spots or cold bridging in new warm roof construction is becoming a big issue; the more we insulate our roofs and buildings the more we control the movement of air and the moisture in that air vapour control is extremely important; cold bridging and warm moist air is a disaster waiting to happen. In the right conditions condensation will form where there is cold bridging, and rot can set in. The worst case scenario is that the condensation can drip from the area of cold bridging and cause water damage to the building ceiling or walls. Controlling condensation cold bridging and sweating is all part of the Thermal Design of the roof and, realistically, the building. It is important to thermally design an element of a building such as the roof, taking into consideration the other elements of the building - change one and you could be changing all of them.

repair a flat roof with no help 80 Year old does it and saved Thousands So Easy!

I needed a flat roof put on and couldn't get any one to do it. So I did it my self with henry's 107 base and covered it with White. It is beautiful and works great. I saved Thousands doing it my self. You can do it your self.

Roofing Contractors don't want you to know this.

Roofing Contractors' costs are reduced. Savings on energy costs for AC and heating are realized by the information obtained in your FREE ROOF INSPECTION. Get your Free Roof Inspection and start saving today.

You think you're a fast roofer?watch this!!(2)

you think you're a fast roofer? watch this!! I made this video with the Idea to show the newcomers to the roofing trade , a faster way to set the shingle without dropping and picking up the gun every time they nail. Hope this video helps the viewers to understand the purpose of this video. Remember this is a instructional video on how to use this technique. greetings. Eric.

In this video Robert Clark explains and demonstrates the renovation of a flat roof by installing a warm deck flat roof replacement. Robert works in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire and the surrounding area and can be contacted on (01563) 531963

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