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248 MPH Without A Gearbox: Direct Drive -- /INSIDE KOENIGSEGG

On this episode, it's a drivetrain nerd's paradise. Christian Von Koenigsegg talks us through the Direct Drive, gas-electric hybrid system that makes traditional gearing obsolete on the 1,500-hp Koenigsegg Regera.

I'M UPSET SUBTITLES - Drake killed XXXTentacion PROOF

Skip to 1:32 on the i’m upset video and the subtitles say XXXTENTACION

Is A Shiba Inu Right For You?

I hope you enjoy the video, just want to let you know that when I say "them" or "they" I am talking about Kyoto in particular, I know that all Shiba Inus are different in their own way! I am still new to the Shiba world and I definitely have some more learning to do!! Since I filmed this video I have learned some things that I didn't know while I was filming this! I also noticed that Kyoto has been starting to shed a lot, so I was wrong about Shiba Inus not shedding! They shed A LOT! I didn't mention this in the video because I didn't have enough storage on my memory card BUT Shiba Inus are a great pet and an amazing friend to have! You just have to make sure that you have the time and patience to take care of them and give them the best life possible!! Thanks for watching! Martingale Collar: Follow Kyoto on Instagram @kyoto.the.zen.master

XXXTentacion - Broly

🌹R.I.P Jahseh🌹 I don’t own this. All rights go to XXXTentacion.

🌹R.I.P Jahseh🌹 I don’t own this. All rights go to XXXTentacion.

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