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Barbour Vs. Filson Waxed Jackets

Barbour and Filson: two heritage companies with over 100 years of history, one English and one American, but which makes the superior waxed jacket? Truthfully, it's hard to go wrong with either, the Barbour has a "wetter" wax finish and hand warmer pockets, the Filson has a moleskin collar and comes with a free can of wax treatment. Both make an excellent product and Barbour or Filson are superb choices. Barbour Classic Beaufort: Filson Mile Marker: (The one in this video was a Nordstrom exclusive, but the above link is damn close) SUBSCRIBE HERE: -Email: -Instagram: -Facebook: Check out my other channel Beastmade Reviews for EDC, tech, and gadget reviews!

14 Biggest Men's Grooming Mistakes & How To Fix Them

In this video, I wanted to highlight these 14 biggest men's grooming mistakes aka the top grooming dont's that I see men making all the time. These are the mistakes that churn stomachs and make people run away from you. Trust me, doing the research for these images was an exercise in trying to keep my lunch down. I really, really hope that you aren't making these grooming mistakes! See the companion article here: for more about me, what I do as a Celebrity Menswear Stylist, and other men's lifestyle related articles and videos. __ FREE MEN'S STYLE EBOOKS To download my free ebooks click here → __ SOCIAL MEDIA ● Instagram → ● Snapchat → ● Twitter → ● Facebook → ● Pinterest → __ HAVE QUESTIONS? If you have any questions not related to this video's topic, please post it in the comments in the latest #AskAW video and upvote the other questions you'd like to see answered in the next video. Here's the link to find the latest video → __ RELATED & MENTIONED VIDEOS ● Men's Wardrobe Essentials → ● Men's Clothing Fit Guide → ● Men's Essential Accessories → ● Spring & Summer Essentials → ● Men's Fall & Winter Essentials → __ MY CAMERA & STUDIO SETUP • Camera Body → • Lens → • Mic → • Preamp → • Tripod Fluid Head → • Lights → I hope you liked this video, I normally do longer series' about men's style, men's etiquette, men's grooming, men's dating and other men's lifestyle topics, including some occasional vlogging. But I thought this would be fun to do one-of type videos from time to time with special guests. Definitely check out my other videos if you liked this one!

Uniqlo MASSIVE Haul and Try-On | Jeans, Chinos, Shirts, Sweaters, Outerwear

For this Uniqlo haul and try on, I ordered about $500 worth of clothing from Uniqlo - everything from shirts and jackets to jeans and chinos. I'll try everything on to show you how it fits, and we'll see if any of it is worth keeping. For reference, Im' about 5'6" and 120 lbs. And, for the record, I ended up keeping the grey t-shirt, navy turtleneck and grey crewneck sweatshirt. — PRODUCTS MENTIONED ▪ Low Rise Boxer Briefs → ▪ Airism Crew Neck T-shirt → ▪ Long-Sleeve Sweatshirt→ ▪ Chinos → ▪ Padded Jacket → ▪ Merino V-neck Sweater → ▪ Merino Crewneck Sweater → ▪ Skinny Jeans → ▪ Long-sleeve Crewneck T-shirt → ▪ Supima Crew Neck T-shirt → ▪ Ultra Stretch Jeans → ▪ Merino V-neck Cardigan → ▪ Knitted Gloves → ▪ Flannel Shirt → — MY GEAR ▪ Canon T6i → ▪ Laptop → ▪ Laptop stand → ▪ Lens #1 (50mm) → ▪ Lens #2 (10-18mm) → ▪ Lens #3 (24mm) → ▪ Lav mic → ▪ Desk mic → — YOUTUBE MUSIC → — STYLE GUIDES ▪ Free E-Books → ▪ Premium Guide → — FOLLOW ME ▪ Podcast → ▪ Instagram → ▪ Twitter → ▪ Facebook → ▪ Private Group → — Contains affiliate links // Stay stylish!

Stylish Phone/Mobile Cases - Men's Essential Accessories - Ringke, Bellroy, Caudabe, Best - for the best phone cases you should have as well as product links and a more in-depth article. - if you don't get the reference at the end of the video. Related Videos Wallets - Belts - Sunglasses - Backpack/Rucksack - Weekender Bag - Briefcase/Messenger Bag - Dopp Kit/Toiletry Bag - Dress Shoes - White Sneakers - Socks - - to download my free ebooks about the style mistakes you're probably making and the seasonal essentials you should own. Follow Me On: SnapChat - Twitter - Instagram - Facebook - Pinterest - for details and my favorite Harrington Jackets that you should own.

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