Krishidarshan - 12 June 2018 - नारळ लागवड

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आब्यांच्या झाडाचीं लागवड कशी करावी.....

सचिन काळभोर

தென்னை விவசாயம் பற்றிய முழு தகவல்கள் Coconut cultivation. Full details about Coconut c...

Thanks to Agriculture Department,Thirunelveli This video briefly explains about Coconut cultivation

Coconut planting method_Tiptur

This video demonstrates the method of coconut planting to farmers which results in getting more yield and the video was produced in Horticulture Research Station, Tiptur For more information and related videos visit us on

स्पेशल स्टोरी: शेती इस्रायलची... (भाग १)

Israel : How Israel Revolutionised Agriculture & Made The Desert Bloom: Part-1 शेती सुधारण्यासाठी इस्रायलसमोर कोणती आव्हानं होती, त्यावर त्यांनी कशी मात केली?

Coconut Tree Maintenance || Taking Care of Coconut Tree || Coconut Tree Trimming || Coconut Pulm

The graceful Coconut tree helping community in many way from natural disaster. All should we know How to Clean Coconut Tree. The Coconut tree create a tropical look in the whole world landscape. Coconut palms produce coconuts and put the rule as safe guards of coastal areas from cyclone or natural disaster. Coconut produce at the base of tree or crown of their 15-to-17-foot long leaves. Coconut palms require trimming one to two times per year to remove dead and drooping fronds, resulting in a cleaner appearance and healthier growth. Trimming may occur at any time. Lets look how to maintain a Coconut tree ... 1. Put on work gloves to protect your hands from injury while working with the coconut palm's fronds. Set up a ladder next to the tree, positioning it on stable ground in easy reach of the fronds. 2. Climb the ladder. Select a dead frond, one that is brown, dry and hanging downward. Hold the terminal end of the dead frond in one hand and saw/Knife through the center of its main stem with a pruning saw. Drop the cut frond tip to the ground. Grasp the cut end of the frond in one hand and lift it upward to a horizontal angle. Cut through the base of the frond's stem, 1/4 inch away from the palm's trunk. Drop the cut frond to the ground. Repeat this process to remove all dead fronds from the palm. 3. Remove any broken, damaged or diseased fronds. Cut the fronds off at their bases, 1/4 inch away from the trunk with a pruning saw. Dip the pruning saw's blade into a 50 percent bleach solution for 5 minutes after cutting through diseased fronds to prevent spreading the disease to healthy growth. 4. Cut out any limp, yellow fronds hanging downward at an angle less than 90 degrees toward the trunk. Remove fronds with less than 50 percent green growth. Warnings Do not remove any fronds containing 50 percent or more living, green growth from the coconut palm. These fronds provide nutrients to the tree through photosynthesis. Never top a palm tree, as this will remove its food producing foliage and result in its death. Do not cut out fronds growing at an upward or horizontal level. This will negatively affect the tree's appearance Watch more videos from wayfarer :

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