Watch Dogs 2 – Install Apps - Buy Clothing - Reach Dedsec Hackerspace

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Hopefully you guys enjoyed it was really fun to make! We made this with Applesauce Productions Sorry about the music we had a great song but we could not use it. :/ The original song was Waiting for a Sign (Watch Dogs) OST


GTA 5 GAMERS VS WATCH DOGS 2 GAMER PART 1: This is second part of WATCH DOGS 2 GAMER S VS GTA 5 GAMERS and this is unbiased comparison between GTA 5 and WATCH DOGS 2. I tried to show the best features of both GTA 5 and WATCH DOGS 2 for entertainment and education purpose. I personally like both of the games. So please don't assume that i'm supporting any particular game and defaming other game. I love playing both GTA 5 and WATCH DOGS 2 . This is animated parody gamers #GamerKam and #GamerLin playing here. GamerKam Playing - WATCH DOGS 2 GamerLin Playing - GTA 5 HIT A LIKE FOR THEM VISIT GAMINGKAM WEBSITE: KAM'S SECOND CHANNEL Kam Markia : GamingKam's Shop: CHECK OUT THIS ALSO: Previous Video : Who hacked forceplayz? - Truth Exposed : When a gamer plays game on valentine's day- Ft Kam Markia : when You ask wrong question about gamer's girlfriend : PUBG gamers VS GTA 5 gamers : Most popular video : When a gamer does not own a Gaming PC : JOIN TEAMKAM HERE : DISCORD SERVER : Facebook group : WhatsApp group : CONNECT WITH KAM Facebook : Twitter : Instagram : IF YOU FEEL LIKE TO SUPPORT KAM WITH SOMTHING : 1. Patreon : 2. Paypal : WATCH OTHER PREVOUS UPLOADS When a Gamer goes to future: When a Gamer becomes KUNGFU MASTER: When a gamer does not own a Gaming Pc : what it feels like to Play games during exam : what it feels like celebrate girlfriend's birthday : what it feels like to buy an expensive gaming Laptop: Gamers Never Give up : When a Gamer Meets Superhero: when a gamer can't finish easy game : Life of a poor gamer : when a gamer becomes Youtuber : when gamer Loves his non gamer girlfriend : BEST GAMINGKAM'S PLAYLISTS Kam's story Series : When a gamer series : What it feels like ( With Gamer ) : Kam needs help : Gamer Lin ( Angry Gamer ) : DISCLAIMER Every single video in my channel is only for entertainment and fun purpose. Please do not take it seriously, I don't mean to hurt or discrimination to any audience or any gamer. ---------- NOTICE ------------- If you have complaint against this video or I used something of your own and you want me to remove it, then please contact me via email: All music, sound, effects, poster, images, Gameplay under creative common licence 3.0 unported- CC BY 3.0 - And Youtube: Creative Commons Attribution licence (reuse allowed) ,some are from youtube music and sound effect library . ---------- CREDITS AND THEIR LINKS ---------- Music Track I used : Kevin MacLeod - Investigations Music by Kevin MacLeod. Available under the Creative common Attribution 3.0 Link : Kevin MacLeod - Carefree Music by Kevin MacLeod. Available under the creative commons attribution 3.0 Link: Outro Music: (Provided by NCS) ------- ABOUT GAMINGKAM ------- Watch animated funny short story of gamer ! I'm making funny animated gaming videos with parody gamer Kam and his friend Gamer Lin. Story series, episode series and more interesting animation here. My videos are related to parody gamers funny animated story. Don't forget to subscribe!


An amazing smartphone app turns common people into powerful hackers and hidden cameras record their reaction as they unwillingly hack a street of Los Angeles. You won't believe what they do when the police show up! Experience the power of hacking in Watch Dogs on May 27, 2014.

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Watch Dogs 2
This is the start of the game, you learn the basics like installing apps, buying clothing, printing gear and weapons and how to do some side missions.

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