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Struggle of farmer Dnyaneshwar Bodke, of integrated farming.

Struggle of farmer Dnyaneshwar Bodke, of integrated farming. Food, clothing, house, medicine and education are the basic needs for happy life. The rational is, every family needs at least Rs One thousand every day to meet these needs, i.e. Rs 3,65,000 per year. If a family of 5 has to remain happy and healthy then per capita income of the family should be Rs Seventy thousand per year. We thought, the earning through agriculture should go up and each person should get the means to earn in the village only, are the two aspects which should be looked in to. We need to plan out and implement the plan in a most desirable and effective manner. To achieve this farmer has to sell 50 kg of vegetable and 50 Litre of milk every day. With a profit of rs 10 for each item, farmer can easily earn Rs one thousand daily. A simple formula of sustainable living. Dnyaneshwar Bodake has 20 Gunthe of "Polyhouse' to conduct the experiments of Modern Farming. He with help of 'Mahila Bachat Gat' supplies fresh vegetables to 6 different locations in Pune city. He uses 30 lac lits of water to produce about 40 tons and earns about Rs 5 lac as profit per year. Can we change to modern farming methods to produce the quality organic stuff by making use of minimum of land, labor, water, electricity and organic fertilizers. Farmer, Dnyaneshwar Bodake, Bodkewadi, Man, Taluka Mulshi, Pune. Near Hinjewadi I.T. Park Mobile 9422005569,. A documentary by Prabhakar Bandekar.

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