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How to Make an Infinity Mirror (Cheap & Easy!)

Making an infinity mirror is cheap and easy! Combine a regular mirror, a two way mirror (also known as one way mirror), and a LED strip. Tools used in this video: Regular mirror sample Two Way Mirror sample Wenice brand music reactive LED strip

Non-Reversing Mirror "True Mirror" (2018) Using Front Surface Mirrors

A Non-Reversing Mirror (also known as True Mirror) combines two front surface mirrors joined at a right angle to flip the reflection twice. This results in a mirror which reflects what you actually see--text is readable in the mirror. More information can be found at

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TREASURE MAP Led Us To An ABANDONED SAFE HOUSE (Explore Project Zorgo Top Secret Clues Found)

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Glass cutting tools can save a lot of time and mistakes when working with optical mirrors. In this video, we show the tools we've been using for years to achieve perfect cuts from optical mirrors.

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