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How the Universe Works - Secrets of the Solar System - Space Discovery Documentary

Exploration of the solar system began when early sky gazers looked up and saw planets in the sky. At first, they considered them deities, but that changed as people began using science to understand the planets.Today, astronomers use spacecraft and ground-based observatories to make discoveries in the solar system that would leave our ancestors' jaws dropping. Let's see what they've found. What are Planets? The solar system has four rocky planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars), two gas giants (Jupiter and Saturn), two ice giants (Uranus and Neptune), and at least half a dozen confirmed or suspected dwarf planets. Pluto is the largest and most famous of them and was explored by the New Horizons mission in 2015. We say "at least" because, by some estimates many more small worlds that orbit the Sun just as other planets do. Most are beyond the orbit of Neptune, except for Ceres, which is the only dwarf in the inner solar system. The idea of "planet" has changed radically from the days of the ancients. Astronomers and planetary scientists are debating just what defines a planet, and the current "official" definition from the International Astronomical Union is not accepted by all scientists. The debate on what "planet" means continues as planetary scientists find more worlds in our solar system #Universe #Space #Documentary

Manufacturing Wholesaler Affiliate & Training Program

Infudtrial Titan Manufacturing Wholesaler Affiliate Program...Full Training and mentoring. All the tips, training , and tools you need to become a uber succesful manufacturing wholesaler

Business Builder Plus Overiew

This short video will proivide you with a brief overiew of some of the internet marketing tools you will have access to within the business builder plus website hosting and marketing package by Builder-all. Everything you need to market, manage and grow your business all in one place. For $29 bucks a month you get all the tools, top rated hosting, and a free company website. No need to hard sell anyone on this one as it is an absolute no brainer.

How to rank #1 on google with Guaranteed First Page Google Ranking

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Manufacturing Wholesale Industrial Supplier Training Affiliate Program

Manufacturing Wholesale Industrial Supplier Training Affiliate Program

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