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Making a knife from a spike - saws glass

Today I am going to be making a knife out of a spike. You can watch STOIC Forge make a knife out of a railroad spike here ENJOY! Forging a knife from a railway spike, since there is not a suitable steel for the knife, the steel is cemented, as a result, when it was quenched it turned out - 62 units according to Rockwell - the blade saws a glass bottle. The handle is made in the style of Pineapple Twist, a step-by-step manufacturing process is shown. Channel guys from Stoic Forge: My site: Group in facebook: Support the channel: Be polite, for insult, politics and foul language - put a ban.

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Antique Bacon Mfg. Co. Garden Seeder [Restoration]

This restoration was on a early 1900s Bacon Mfg. Co. seeder. These were also known as garden seeders, hand-drills, or cultivators. The Bacon Mfg. Co. was based out of Pontiac, Michigan, USA. I had a really hard time locating ANY information on this tool, but I did find the patent from 1901 located here: I also found an advertisement for this seeder from 1899 here: There are several "BD" markings on the castings that lead me to believe this is a "Bacon Drill" seeder and not another type. The black finish on this seeder was most likely japanning, but I am still unsure about the finish on the silver parts. Usually nickel-plated steel builds up a greenish film that washes off after placed in Evapo-rust, but this did not happen at all. The rest of the restoration was fairly straight forward as these are all just metal parts that needed de-rusting and paint. I used 3-4 coats of paint and 3 coats of clear-coat on everything. There is a part on the back wheel that I do not know what it does. It may have been a counter or a measuring tool, from the looks of it. The seeder was actually really fun to use and if I had a large garden this would still come in handy today! I'd like to thank Evapo-Rust for sponsoring this video. Wrenches are now for sale at Help secure more tools for future videos (if you want): Instagram: Facebook Group - Share your restorations Reddit - Share your restorations

Common Gardening Tools || Gardening Equipment a Gardener should have || 22 July, 2017

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Today we will look into different types of pruners and garden cutting tools and by the end of the video, you should be able to decide which gardening cutter or pruner is best suited for your gardening level. Also at the end, there s an interesting quiz question for you to answer.
Pruners also called as Pruning shears or hand pruners or secateurs and even garden scissors, are a type of cutting tools for use on plants and gardening.
Pruning is one of the most important and useful practice in gardening that needs to be performed irrespective of the type of plant you are growing in your garden. Whether ornamental plants or flowering or fruiting plants, these cutting or pruning practices are indispensable for your plant health and you should never avoid pruning on emotional grounds. You all must be aware of the benefits of pruning - whether to get rid of diseased branches or to promote branching and plant growth or even improving flowering and fruiting. We will not go into details of the benefits of pruning right now. But in this video we will learn about the different types of pruners or cutting tools we use in home gardening.
There are many gardeners and beginners who are not aware of the correct type of pruners they require. It is important to note that using the wrong pruners might adversely affect your plants instead of improving it.
So, now lets look at the different types of Pruners:

1. Hand Pruners or Hand Shears: These are the most commonly used cutters in home gardening. These are of two types:
a. Anvil pruners
b. Bypass Pruners

2. Lopping Pruners or lopping shears:
3. Pole Pruners:
4. Hedge Pruners or Hedge Shears:
5. Pruning Saw:
6. Flower Cutter (floral snips).
7. Ratchet Pruners:
What is the other name for this pruner? A small Hint: Starts with a Birds name!
Please answer by writing in the comment box below the video.

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