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Magic Cutting Tools - CNC Machine & Milling Compilation | Most Satisfying Machines

Magic Cutting Tools - CNC Machine & Milling Compilation by Machine World Leave a comment if you have a compilation request! Music used: Sleepdebt - I C U Triton - You Nomyn - Daydreamer Welcome to Machine World! This brand new YouTube channel aims to bring you the very best and most interesting compilations and videos about heavy machinery such as heavy duty lathes, CNC technology, laser cutting, metalworking, gears, industrial equipment and vehicles and much more! In this CNC machine compilation you will see a variety of magic cutting tools in full HD, accompanied by chill background music. It is truly oddly satisfying to watch these mesmerizing computer controlled machines work on metal, and in my opinion, the worlds most satisfying video. Other Industrial/CNC videos to watch: Monster dangerous destroy everything | Amazing dangerous machine destroy Amazing Monster Machine work, Biggest Machinery Diesel fast cutting Hurdle Machine Works Sawmill Equipment, Grade Mill Crushing ping pong stuff with hydraulic press The Most Satisfying Video In The World #8 🌟 The Most Satisfying Video Ever


High cutting speed by Datron CNC machine.

Amazing Metalworking CNC Lathe Machine Compilation

Amazing Metalworking CNC Lathe Machine Compilation

Review: Cheap CNC Mill

Even though I said I won't do reviews of cheap items again, this time is somewhat special as it falls right into my interest area. Watch as I put a cheap kit CNC mill to the test, and see if it's something worth spending money on. It came to my attention in the discussion below that the controller board in this mill is counterfeit. For that reason I cannot in good conscience recommend that you get the mill with that controller. However, it is a good platform which they copied, and if you're interested in either buying your own from Planet CNC who makes the originals, or even building your own, visit the links below: Plans for a self build of their first version controller: If you're interested at looking closer at the CNC mill, visit the Gearbest website here, and if you choose to get it, you can also for a limited time get 12% off the list price: coupom:GBTE enjoy12% off Summer 3D printer sale Gearbest Autumn Super Bumper Harvest Sale coupon for ALL 10% OFF: GB10% Electronic Tools & 3D Printers coupon for Tools 12% OFF : GBHarvestE These are not affiliate links, and I earn nothing if you choose to spend any money on Gearbest. If you wish to support Switch & Lever, please visit the Switch & Lever store, linked below: Follow and like Switch & Lever on: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Pinterest: Linkedin: And check out the Switch & Lever online store at: Music: Joakim Karud - Lowrider Joakim Karud - Boost Kevin MacLeod - Fanfare for Space CC BY-3.0

WFL M60 MillTurn Complete Crankshaft Machining - MARTECH Machinery, NJ - USA

The WFL M60 demonstrates it's capabilities by machining a complete crankshaft in one operation. Contact

Website: Email:
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■ Công cụ, dụng cụ đặc biệt – định hình
■ Dụng cụ hàn chuôi
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■ Dịch vụ phủ PVD các lớp như: TiN, TiAlN, Diamond layer…

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