Skytech TKKJ H100 2 4GHz, 2Ch, RC Boat with Water Cooling system RTR BoldClash F 08 on board youtu

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Flytec 5 Generation Electric Fishing Bait RC Boat 500M Remote Fish Finder 5 4kmh Double Motor Toys

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RC turbine jet F-16 scale 1:4

Mäxä's huuuge 1:4 scale F-16. Generic-Fly plane. Four Booster 160+ turbines!!! Maiden flight...

How To Make mini RC Boat Twin 180 Motor

DIY - HomeMade How To Make Electric Twin Motor High Speed RC Boat - DIY RC Boat at home - i Using 2 * 180 Motor - Propeller, 2mm shaft connector - 2s 7,4v Battery, Electric wire - TX, RX 2 channel, and Foam Thanks for watching, Have a great day !


Fantastic detailed and tuned scale offshore boats and ships in different situations and FIRE on construction-boat! Place: Modellbaumesse Wels 2018 Thank you for Sub´s, comments and inter actives! Enjoy the Video and don't miss the upcoming Videos!!!

RC Smart Plane Micro F-22 Jet Warbird - Auto Take Off & Stability Control RTF - TheRcSaylors

Buy this Smart Plane here - If you are an extremely new RC Pilot wanting to learn how to fly but are limited on space and instructor availability, this might be what you are looking for! There are so many functions packed into this small plane, it will take a while to learn all of them, as this little thing will completely fly itself! Nate will show you everything that comes in the box, then do his best to get this little Jet to take to the skies! Have we ever saved you money or helped you pick out your favorite RC? Consider saying thanks by supporting us with one of these awesome options below! ------------------------------------------ Support TheRcSaylors on Patreon Here - Check out our Vlog Channel! - Make a Donation Through Fan Funding :) Buy a Sweet RC Saylors Shirt Here - Subscribe for more RC fun! - Like us on facebook - Follow us on Instagram - Follow us on Twitter - Want to send something to TheRcSaylors and see it on the channel? Send it to P.O. Box 361 Ashland, KY 41105 FAQ: Q: Can I have a Free RC? A: YES! We do GiveAways All The Time! We highly encourage and invite you to enter our contests fairly. Keep in mind that both Abby and myself (Nate) work Full Time Jobs, pay our taxes, and EARN Everything you see on our channel. This is a HOBBY that we both share and Enjoy Together. Nothing in our lives has ever just been Given to either of us without doing something to earn it. Hard Work goes a Long Way in this world, and we recognize and surround ourselves with those types of people. Begging, lieing and cheating will NEVER get you anywhere, and is only a quick fix to the real problem. If you are a youngster, mow lawns! When I (Nate) was too young for a job, I would mow lawns to get the things I wanted. After that, I always had a part time job to save up for games and toys and other things I wanted to buy. RESPECT is still a thing, and you should do something to earn it back for yourself. Stop Begging for stuff that we worked Very Hard to EARN. We will gladly give things away for our contests to the people that we feel deserve it. Q: Do you read your comments? A: YES! We read nearly every comment on our channel! Now with YouTube's update, it is Very Difficult to read when someone replies to a comment, which in our opinion is a little stupid. We will do our best to reply to Real Comments that are not Spammy, Negative, or Beggy, in any way. If we catch you cussing, put others (including us) down we will most likely DELETE your comment, and if you push your luck we will simply block you. Keep it positive and you'll most likely get a reply Directly from Myself (Nate) or Abby! Q: How Far / High does it go? A: Generally speaking, 2.4 ghz (which is basically all RC vehicles these days) will fly / drive further than you can see LoS (Line of Sight) and in many cases even further. We do NOT risk the safety of others on our channel and will not push the range further than we feel comfortable. If you want to see dangerous flying, this is not the channel for you and you should reconsider what you are doing with your RCs before ever flying again. Q: How Much Is It? A: We link the product that we are talking about in the description box of almost everything we cover. Abby and I used to say the prices of things in the videos, but in this fast paced hobby with new things coming out every day, prices change and very quickly! We encourage you to check the link because most likely the price will be cheaper than what we got it for.

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