How To Grow Your salary in USA? Answer HERE!

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What Are Your Salary Expectations? Learn How To Answer This Interview Question ✓

✅Need a better job? Register to LIG: Most LIG members find their ideal employment within as little as 15 days. Watch Next: Interview Preparation MasterClass: This is how to answer the dreaded salary expectations / salary requirements interview question. Hope you benefit from it! This is by far one of the most controversial topics. Everybody seems to have an opinion about that. Most HR or recruiters say that you should give a range. I think differently. As always, before I can give you a straight up answer there are a few things I need to know. 1) Who is asking this question? Is it a headhunter, HR, or the hiring manager? So, let’s see the possible scenarios first Scenario 1: From a headhunter. So, you are just interviewing with a recruiter or headhunter Scenario 2: From HR or internal recruiter Scenario 3: From the Hiring Manager Scenario 4: From the Hiring Manager but you started the process with a headhunter

How to open and close presentations? - Presentation lesson from Mark Powell

In this clip Mark Powell provides best practice tips for opening and closing presentations. Go to to learn more about Mark Powell's course.

मैं आपका नाम बता सकती हूं | I Can Guess Your Name | 15 August Special | Rapid Mind

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Interview Dos and Don'ts

Did you know that the interviewer decides whether to keep you for the job or not in the initial 5 seconds? Rest of the time taken is just the reassurance of the decision already made. So, what are the most important elements to make the interviewer rule in your favor. Your qualification and the way you have projected your expertise in the resume is definitely important to land you the interview but what makes you stand out under the spotlight is your dressing style, body language and attitude. Find out what are the Do’s and the Don’ts for projecting a positive image in an interview.

A Simple Trick on How to Save Up A Lot of Money Fast

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