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Tall Models on Runways in Seoul, South Korea || Curious?

Example of Model Runways in Seoul, South Korea Back in the fall when I was doing amateur modeling and networking with fashion designers. Now, instead of considering modeling as a serious career, I model only for fun and as a hobby. A much better fit for me. Anyways, in this vlog you will see footage from Seoul Fashion Week from Fall 2016. Also, there will be behind the scenes footage from the K-Global Fashion Networking meeting where I was actually scouted by a fashion designer. He wanted me to represent his brand and he wanted to sponsor me. However, needless to say that would have required me to become a full time model. Hello, neighbor! INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | FACEBOOK | If you're kind enough to help, I will gladly accept your support :D Here is my Patreon: PayPal (Gift option please): BUSINESS EMAILS | Modeling in Korea / Seoul Fashion Week / K-Global Fashion / Korean Models / SFW 2016 / seoul vlog / korea life / life in korea vlog / day in the life vlog / woojong / When Woojong used to model / Edward Avila

코리너스와 함께한 서울패션위크2017 외국인 패셔니스타 만나봐요

헬레나 코리아와 콜라보레이션 하여 서울 패션위크 시리즈로 돌아왔습니다. 한국의 패션에 대해 어떻게 생각하시나요? 올해의 렌드가 궁금하시거나 거리의 패션피플들의 잇템이 궁금하신가요? 2018 SS 서울 패션위크에서 찾으실 수 있도록 2부로 구성된 시리즈를 준비했습니다. 먼저 첫번째 에피소드를 보시고 아래의 코멘트 섹션에 당신의 생각을 남겨주세요! 다음주 초에 두번째 에피소드도 기대해주세요 :) Koreaners(코리너스)는 국내 외국인 10만명 회원의 Network을 기반으로 외국인을 필요로 하는 다양한 업체에게 8가지 서비스를 제공중에 있습니다. 현재 운영중인 서비스는 1) 취업서비스 2) 팟캐스트 서비스(라디오 서비스) 3) 영상제작 서비스 4) 국내 행사 외국인 모집 서비스 5) 중고거래 서비스 6) 부동산 및 중고차 서비스 7) 핸드폰 판매 서비스 8) 외국인 관광 서비스를 제공중에 있습니다. 코리너스는 외국인 약 10만명의 회원이 있으며, 서비스는 국가기관(보건복지부,농림축산부 등)과 각종 대기업(삼성, SK 등) 제휴를 통해서 각종 SNS 채널을 통해서 외국인들에게는 혜택을, 각 제휴기관/업체들과의 원활한 소통을 목표로 합니다.

What Korean Students Wore to Seoul Fashion Week! 17FW

Fashion reel starts @4:10 :) Friends in this video: ★Iman: ★Gina: ★Mina: girl, let me know the link of your blog! ★Elly: ►SUBSCRIBE!: Start learning a second language today! ► Get your free audio book here: I upload videos on my Korean channel every Thursday! ► Korean channel: ▼FACEBOOK: ▼INSTAGRAM: ▼YOUNOW: ▼TWITTER: ▼SNAPCHAT: whitneybaeirl Hey everyone! It's me, Whitney! I'm an American girl who makes YouTube videos while living in Korea! I upload every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 6pm EST/10pm GMT, so make sure you SUBSCRIBE! Thank you for the support! :) Music: •Intro: Jessi - Unpretty Dreams •Logic ft. Jhene Aiko - Break It Down (Louis Futon Remix) - •Outro: Eric Nam - Good For You •As a creator partnered with DIA TV network, I've used a music source that is proven by the copyright license between DIA TV and MODOOCOM. Uploaded by: 휘트니/휘트니배/whitneybae/whitneybaeirl


** REMINDER:** Please keep in mind that a lot of these people are probably young students so please be respectful/clean with your comments. I hope you enjoyed this video! Thank you for watching! SUBSCRIBE & TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS FOR MORE VIDEOS! --Seoul Fashion Week October 2017-- FRIENDS: Hijabi in Seoul City: Whitneybae: WhitneybaeIRL: Stay Connected: Twitter: Instagram:

[서울패션위크] 2017 S/S KYE 디자이너 계한희

2017 S/S 헤라서울패션위크 HERA SEOUL FASHION WEEK 20161021 KYE 디자이너 계한희

Finally, My blog from Seoul fashion week is already update here on Youtube. Because I really new on making a video so I have to apology if this video isn't good as you expected. I really want to update this video since I came back from Korea but I was really busy so I don't have a chance. Please enjoy my video and if you like it, please comment and subscribe so I able to know that you like it:) and Please read more story on my blog and follow me on Instagram for next update. Thank you for watching this Video.



Special Thanks to Mmarie for video.

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