Industrial Sewing Machine Storage/Table (Pfaff 1245)

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Threads&Needles for a Pfaff1245 - Upholstery Basics

Sometimes, we wonder about the right needle or thread to do an upholstery project in leather. This video would give us an idea about the use of the correct needle and thread for a determined project. If I want to sew a thin leather material, so, we should use a 'thin needle and thread'...if I rather use a big needle, it would leave 'big holes' and my leather project would look ugly. I would advise a 'standard needle' to do car upholstery with a Pfaff 1245 is a 140=22 needle works well with the thin 'standard thread' most of the upholsterers use. The thicker thread is used on 'double/french stitches'. I hope you find it useful! Cesar

Threading The Pfaff 1245 and Loading a Bobbin

I pulled out the threading portion of a previous video for your convenience. I buy all my equipment and these industrial sewing machines myself and so anything you do to help is appreciated. When you purchase anything through the following links, I receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting me to make more content on this channel. Here's a list of Items I recommend : My Filming Gear: DMC-GX8: My Lenses: Mic: Softbox: Bulbs: Subscribe to My Channel: Monetary Support is Accepted Here: Thank you very much for all your props and support, anything you choose to do will help me to make more content. Filmed, Edited and Produced by Jason Potts

How It's Made - Industrial Wire Ropes

Discovery and Science Channel's How It's Made Industrial Wire Ropes episode. All copyrights go to their respective owners.

A Tip to Adjust the Alternating Feet of a Pfaff 1245-706

I want to share a tip that would help to regulate the alternating 'presser feet' of a Pfaff 1245-706 if for some reason was misadjusted. I hope you find it useful! Cesar

Ho Hsing G60 servomotor in a PFAFF 1245

Ho Hsing G60 servomotor installed in a PFAFF 1245 industrial sewing machine, compared to the original servomotor, an ESDA YX. The ESDA's slowest speed was too fast for my needs, so my dealer exchanged that motor with the Ho Hsing one, and I'm very happy with the new motor, as it allows to sew very slowly, or extremely fast, depending on your needs.

I designed this to roll beneath workbench in workshop. Top with servo can be taken to marina to use on boat canvas which was not possible with standard table.

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